Thursday, May 28, 2015



Thought: I was listening to a talk this morning and the speaker talked about Abraham! "Why do you think the Lord made him go through all that emotional and physical distress if he never actually had to sacrifice his son?" It was because Abraham needed to learn something about Abraham. I thing that applies to us all. Sometimes we go through hard times and we just have to be willing to submit and let God teach us and make us what we need to be and learn what He needs us to learn. So don't get discouraged. Accept God's will and try to understand that there is a reason the most precious of creations are put through the refiners fire.

 This week was interesting but pretty good as usual!!! We have an investigator right now that is doing really well. We were able to give him a baptismal date for the end of March and as of now he seems really sincere and really solid. We will keep working with him of course though. The only problem now is that his mom REALLY dislikes our church and he is basically meeting us in secret. The other problem is that he won't be able to come to church for the next three weeks because of a new school program he is starting. But hopefully we can still meet him! Really excited about him. Cool thing is that he and I have the same name in Korean which is sweet because it isn't a very common name as it is!!!:) This week it was Solnar, or the lunar New Year. It is the biggest holiday in Korea so almost the entire country goes to their hometown and visits their parents and family. So there weren't a ton of people up in Seoul. However, we had a big zone/mission conference on that day. We went to one of the churches and watched a really cool documentary on the Book of Mormon and then we got to watch Meet the Mormons. It was pretty fun and pretty interesting I suppose. It made me REALLY miss football and that atmosphere!!! haha Then since Solnar is like a 3 day holiday, there weren't a ton of people out and about the day after our conference either. So we had a big "clean day" where we deep cleaned our houses. We had kept ours relatively clean, but it still had its spots and areas for improvement as we really dug deep and cleaned some stuff up! It is really nice now:) haha That night our ward mission leader got an activity together with the missionaries, a bunch of our investigators, and some less-actives and we played some fun traditional Korean games. I'll send some pictures. Anyways, fun week! We also had a baptism in our ward this week, but he slept in on Sunday so he will have to get confirmed next week. haha Anyways, the work is going forth strong as usual! Keep up the good work at home! Love and miss you all! The church is true!

-Elder Hobson

                             My area

                                My mission

        Some korean sisters I served with in my last area!

     Me being a boss at the game we were playing!!! haha

     The game night with our WML (Ward Mission Leader)

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