Thursday, May 28, 2015



I have been thinking a lot recently about just staying positive and making the best of things! So that is why I put this song (see bottom) there today for our quote. Well February is long gone! Welcome, welcome March!!!:) Should be a great month! This week we had our temple P-day. I went through a session in Korean. For two reasons, one because I thought it would be interesting to do it in Korean and two because they have been showing the new temple video in the Korean session but not the English session recently so I really wanted to go see it because I heard it was sweet. I have been debating whether to go through in the Korean session because i feel like I obviously would get more out of the English session. but I finally convinced myself to go and just not worry or be scared about it... and guess what?!?!?!? They showed the old video in the Korean session and the new one in English!!!:(:(:( Kind oif a huge bummer... but it was whatever. Going through in Korean was really cool actually because in Korean they have lots of different forms of speaking when used to a king or to a person of low rank. So the dialogue between all the people in the video was really cool. They way that Satan tempts Adam and Eve is interesting. He starts by speaking to them in the middle form (kind of friendly and nice) and then when he gets them he starts speaking to them in low form (disrespecting them and what not). Pretty interesting. So that was a fun adventure. We have one investigator right now who is doing really well!!! The only problem is that he is meeting us in secret because his mom is against our church and she will not let him meet with us if she finds out. But we have talked it over quite a bit and really feel like she needs to know, so we have really been pushing him to do it, no matter what the consequences might be. We fasted with him yesterday and got the ward in on it too. No news yet, but we are putting our trust in the Lord. Hopefully that will turn out in the way we like, but regardless, it will turn out in the way the Lord would like. Everything seems to be doing okay. We are working hard and doing our best and letting the rest go to the Lord. This week week we also set up an appointment with this guy and were really excited to meet with him as a new investigator. Well he came to the church and we started to give him a tour and he said, "hmmm, this feels familiar. I think I have been to your church before." Well we were of course stoked and up further investigation and sparking his memory, we learned that he was baptized like 50 yrs ago in a different ward. So crazy! So he really wanted to find his record-ship number. So we told him how to do that and what not. Anyways, hopefully we can start meeting with him again and re-teach him the gospel:) haha. Great week though! Thanks for all your prayers on my behalf! The church is true!!! Love and pray for you all!

-Elder Hobson

  1. "1. Improve the shining moments;
    Don't let them pass you by.
    Work while the sun is radiant;
    Work, for the night draws nigh.
    We cannot bid the sunbeams
    To lengthen out their stay,
    Nor can we ask the shadow
    To ever stay away.
  2. 2. Time flies on wings of lightning;
    We cannot call it back.
    It comes, then passes forward
    Along its onward track.
    And if we are not mindful,
    The chance will fade away,
    For life is quick in passing.
    'Tis as a single day.
  3. 3. As wintertime doth follow
    The pleasant summer days,
    So may our joys all vanish
    And pass far from our gaze.
    Then should we not endeavor
    Each day some point to gain,
    That we may here be useful
    And ev'ry wrong disdain?
  4. 4. Improve each shining moment.
    In this you are secure,
    For promptness bringeth safety
    And blessings rich and pure.
    Let prudence guide your actions;
    Be honest in your heart;
    And God will love and bless you
    And help to you impart." Hymn No. 226

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