Wednesday, May 27, 2015



What a crazy week! Where to start where to start... haha. Well, first off it is getting a little colder here. But to be honest it is only bad if the wind blows. Afternoons are usually ok:). This week we saw two cats get into a fight and the bigger cat almost killed this smaller one. It was really sad. I mean I'm not a huge cat fan, but even I felt bad for the poor thing and so we called a vet pet control thingy and they came and grabbed him. Hope he survived... it was intense and is actually a pretty long story, but one for another time. I gotta tell you about our investigator. We scheduled to meet him on Wednesday for his baptismal interview. Well, we also have zone conference on Wednesday so we told him to not come until 3 because that is what time our meeting would end. Well our meeting was getting close to ending and sure enough he shows up about 15 minutes early and walks right into our meeting, with about 25 missionaries, completely nonchalant like he belonged there and didn't care that there were a bunch of missionaries staring at him. He looks right at me and was like "Hey Hobson whats going on?". So Elder Kim and I begin to get up and escort him out of the room so we could talk to him and not interrupt the meeting. And as we begin to kind of scoot him towards the door he realizes what is going on and goes "Ohhhh", kinda made an embarrassed face and turned around and threw up the double deuces (two peaces signs). He then proceeded to just walk right on out. It is kind of hard to describe, but literally probably one of the funniest moments of my mission!!!! haha Then we taught him and and while we were teaching him he was like I haven't smoked, but its just comforting to carry around my cigarettes with me and then he pulls them out of his pocket. I extend my hand and told him to give them to me and he looks in the pack and was like, I can't give these to you! That's money, if you give me 30 cents you can take them from me. SO I was like fine, and I pulled out my wallet and just gave him a dollar... best dollar I ever spent. Never thought I would have to buy cigarettes, especially on my mission. Then he had his baptismal interview which I was really nervous about for some reason but he passed! Then we ate dinner with him the next few days and then on Saturday he got baptized. I was able to do the baptism and it was seriously one of the most meaningful experiences on my mission. I can't describe his whole story, but let's just say that he was weighed down with quite a few sins and made A LOT of changes to be baptized (if you want more details you can ask me personally). He said that he "thought he would be nervous before he got baptized", but he was very "at peace." After the baptism he said he "was so happy to start out on a new road and new lifestyle" and he was so happy to be able to change. He says he "doesn't want to cause grief or pain to his family anymore. So amazing what the Lord can do! On Sunday he got confirmed and Elder Kim and I were able to participate. The Bishop blessed him to be healthy and to receive all the help he needed to receive temple ordinances! Sweet! He brought his daughter with him and kept telling me "she's next" haha. I wish I could describe his whole feeling and situation to you, but I plan to take sometime this week and write the whole story down. God can work wonders when we turn to him! This Church is true! I love you all! Have a great Holiday season and as I am sure you all have heard, check out that new video, "He is the Gift" because He truly is THE greatest gift any of us could ever receive!

-Elder Hobson

also HOORAH! GO BRONCOS! Way to go boys!!!:)

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