Sunday, February 8, 2015



Quote: "Keep the commandments, in this there is safety and peace"

This week was pretty crazy! It is getting a little colder and almost snowed, but stopped (unlike Boise I hear haha). Not too terribly cold yet though. Still bearable but I think if we give it like another week or two, it'll get there. It was -1 degrees Celsius at one point,. whatever that is in Fahrenheit for you westerners. This week there was actually a Holiday in Korea. It is seriously the most genius holiday ever and I think it is soooo funny. It is called Pepero Day. (pepero are the Korean version of Pocky's if you know those). Anyways they are made by a super big company in Korea called Lotte that basically owns everything and the government has to regulate their working hours so they don't monopolize Korea basically. Because Pepero are these chocolate covered candy sticks that look like the number one (sorta) they just claimed 2014.11.11 as Pepero Day. And now it has basically gotten to the point where couples have to buy Pepero for each other or it is like socially unacceptable. It would be like not getting your spouse or your boyfriend or girlfriend something on Valentines Day. So basically Lotte created a holiday where all you do is just buy their product and give it out to people! hahaha It is so genius and people actually do it!!! (haha myself included, I mean you have to right?!?). Anyways, so they go hard on that here and it is fun. Last P day we went hiking one of the famous mountains in Korea. So fun! I love hiking, probably the funnest thing I have done yet in Korea! I'll send some pics. When I was on exchanges this week with one of the Elders in my district we met this guy on the street that was going to our free English class in a different area. I asked him if he was learning about our church. He said he did a few months ago but had to go to the hospital and stopped meeting missionaries. I asked him if he ever got baptized. He said no and then I asked if he wanted to be baptized. He said sure! So I asked, well when do you want to get baptized? He said wells probably before my birthday. I asked when is your birthday and he said December 23rd. So I said okay lets schedule a date for the 20th and he said ok. So I sent his name and number to the other area and hopefully he was actually serious. But it was just a fun experience to set a baptismal date on the street. Also this week in district meeting I trained on being obedient to have the Spirit with us. And also finding through the Spirit because our district had a district fast last week to find new investigators through the Spirit. Good week! The work is going forth. Korea is a blast and I'm living it up! The Church is true!

-Elder Hobson

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