Sunday, November 9, 2014



Quote: "'Come follow me,' a simple phrase..."

Well, well, well, bye bye to October. Come and gone so fast!!! Halloween was good. I mean nothing too intense happened. I bought my companion his favorite treat and that's about it!:) haha This week was pretty good though! In my district meeting this week I assigned a section on the gospel of Jesus Christ to 5 other missionaries and had them train on that particular principle. I had them focus on applying it to us specifically and how our lives would be different without the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We were able to have some pretty good discussions and learned a lot. This week we also had interviews with President Christensen. Gotta love that guy, he is such a man!!! haha I asked him a few questions about the priesthood and giving blessings and he was able to help me with those a little bit. Then we had stake conference. The new general authority that just got called from Korea came and visited our stake. He was pretty lively and energetic for a Korean. He did this thing where he asked some questions and then had everyone text their answers to this app from their smart phones (which literally everyone except missionaries have in Korea) and he displayed it up in the front. It was pretty fun idea and helped everyone focus in a little better I think. he focused on the Fall and the Atonement. Anyways, overall, a pretty good week! The work is going forward. Our district went from 3 progressing investigators to 9 in the last 2 weeks, so things are definitely on the upswing I think. Anyways, the church is true! Love you all!

-Elder Hobson

A  GIANT buddhist temple we 
found in some random part of our area

Fukuoka for Haley's birthday

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