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Quote/mini thought: Today during my studies as I was preparing for my district meeting this Wednesday I had these few thoughts. When we endure to the end, trials will come!!! "DUH!!! OF COURSE THEY WILL COME!" We agreed to come to earth and be TESTED, not to be walked through and given the answer immediately to every question and problem. God gave us the know how and the power to overcome these things! Such a comfort.

First off, HOORAH! GO BRONCOS! The rest of the season officially does not matter! WHOOOOO!!! Way to cream the cougs! Like hey I'm on the Lord's side, but if we look in the scriptures, God's team doesn't usually lose.... so I mean. decide for yourself what that says about BYU;) haha  Just kidding, BYU is great, just BSU is better;) 

Anyways, this week was crazy and fun! Our investigator took us out to this Japanese sushi restaurant  and bought us 45$ worth of sushi!!!! SOOOOOOOO good! Man, I got to go back there soon! Our district had quite the week! To start on Saturday morning we all got together and cleaned the church. Then we were able to have a baptismal service for 2 of the sister's investigators. It was quite a miracle because one of the sisters who got baptized is moving next week and she is moving to a ward where Sister Lee's (one of the sisters in my district who taught her) cousin (I think, at least someone she knows), is serving. So it'll be a nice referral process to their new ward! After that we had a missionary exhibition. We had each companionship take a lesson and then one companionship taught the difference between the Book of Mormon and the Bible. We all set up a booth type thing in 6 rooms and led a tour throughout the church to hear about the lessons that we teach and our church. There were a few members that showed up and one investigator that showed up. Definitely not exactly what we were hoping for, but for mine and Elder Kim's investigator who came, I think it went really well. So in that light, it was definitely worth it. He asked a lot of questions and got along well with the members. Then after that we decorated the church and got ready for the Halloween party. We had quite a few members show up and I think we counted 13 or 14 non members that showed up. I was really please with the preparation that our district put forth and the good job that they did. It could have been such a rough day if there was contention, but everyone was patient with each other and worked together and it really showed through. We had a good time and the ward had a good time. We had activities such as bobbing for tangerines (apples are a little expensive here and our budget was low so we had to make due), the game where you have to eat a choco pie (its like a moon pie in America) from a string without using your hands, fishing for candy (with someone standing behind the chalkboard and all, a cake (choco pie) walk, musical chairs, and a guessing jar! It was really fun and the kids loved all the candy. I think the adults enjoyed the tangerine eating contest that we ended up having. It was a good day for the ward. Other than that, just a pretty normal week of missionary work! 

Also some Elders in our house think that we have a ghost living with us. Apparently he saw some stuff. I think its really fun! Anyways, last night we had an experiment. We took the object that we thought might contain the ghost and put it in the middle of our table to see if it would move overnight or if any of us would have weird dreams or something. Needless to say I woke up in the middle of the night because I had to go to the bathroom and I turned the thing around. Hahahaha everyone is freaking out... HAPPY HALLOWEEN! The church is true!

-Elder Hobson

Baptism day

Ward Halloween Party, Moone Pies

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