Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Quote: "Give up giving up" (This is on an english academy by our house)
First off, it is good to hear that the Broncos are still pulling through on the Blue! This week was pretty good! We were able to find 5 new investigators! That was a miracle in itself. Also this week we were able to commit our investigator with the baptismal date to come to all three hours of church but they canceled our third hour of church!!! We were like, "WHAT?!?". The reason is because this week (today actually) is a HUGE holiday in Korea called Chu Seok. It is the biggest Holiday in Korea and so everyone was out of town and everyone is doing whatever just celebrating with family and being happy that they don't have to work! So because there wasn't a ton of people at church, they just canceled our third hour, but still did the second. Personally I think it was just more of an excuse not to do church, but hey, who am I to judge.  Anyways, I think it was all in God's way because we were able to go with our Stake Presidency 2nd Councilor and visit a former investigator! So that was good. Also because of the Holiday we had a giant mission conference on Saturday. I sang in a double men's quartet "More Holiness Give Me". That was good. But to be honest, the conference was actually extremely lame.  (He told me lame because it might be his Mission Pres. last Conf. and he didn't get to talk to them much.) I got to see some mission friends though so that was nice! They talked all about prayer and I had a lot of new insights!!! Today we are doing a deep clean of our apartment. Should be fun....... (right?) haha. Anyways, it has been a good week and the Lord's work is going on (holiday or not). District Leader stuff is good and fun. I have to give a training in a week from this wednesday, so if you have any thoughts or experiences on prayer that I could share with my district, let me know!!! The church is true!
-Elder Hobson

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