Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Quote: "The Lord is my Light so why should I fear?" -Hymn Book pg.89
This week was pretty crazy!!! First off HOORAH! GO BRONCOS! I understand that they lost and that they just don't quite have the same magic as when I am in the Country, but that is ok. They will peak next year when I am home! Besides, they can still have a good season this year! At least win the Mountain West!

To start off! This week I was able to finish the Book of Mormon and the Pearl of Great Price (I finished D and C a few weeks ago). So now I only have the Bible left. I love the Book of Mormon! I read with the focus of "how can I love others more than myself". It was super good! I learned so much and felt so happy as I was reading it. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that the things taught in it were actual teachings of ancient prophets who really did live on this Earth and taught God's will!!!

Also one of the Zone Leaders from a different area called me and wants me to sing in a musical number for our upcoming conference this Saturday! We actually haven't rehearsed yet... but I'm sure it will turn out. This next week is the Korean "Thanksgiving" if you will, so everyone is getting ready to celebrate and travel here! It's hands down the biggest Holiday in Korea. Also our district sang this Sunday in our ward's sacrament meeting. It was just a bunch of random missionaries so nothing special but still fun! 

Also this week we got Transfer calls! Elder Hansen and I will be staying together and I will be the new District Leader in this area! I am really excited! It should be super fun! My district will consist of Elder Smith and Elder Choi (the Zone Leaders), Elder Fronk and Elder Lundberg (who's middle name is O'Malley), Elder Hansen and I, Elder Andersen and his new trainee (he will be opening a new area and training. He will be living in my house and I am super excited because Elder Andersen and I were both trained in Ill San together and lived there for a few months together so now we get to again! Should be fun!). They closed one companionship of sisters and put in a threesome instead. SIster Mosby, Sister Gwak, and Sister Lee. Im excited! I think I will probably be here for awhile but should be fun!:)

Also this week we met with one of our investigators. He was wondering how to get to the Celestial Kingdom so we taught him the 3rd Lesson and committed him to be baptised on Sept. 20th! He needs to stop drinking coffee and stop attending his other church but if he does that he can be baptized on that day! Pray for him! We are super excited! Miracles abounding! The Church is true!
-Elder Hobson

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