Wednesday, October 1, 2014


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This week was pretty good! Unfortunately our investigator with a baptismal date had to go to a wedding this weekend and so we weren't able to meet him and teach him the things he needed to be baptized, so we will have to push his date back a week or two. But hopefully he can get there!!! We will be working hard with him!:) This last Monday we had a cleaning day because it was the big Korean holiday! I have been cleaning our house ever since I got here so it wasn't super dirty, but this gave us a chance to get down in all the dirty hard to find places left by other missionaries. With four of us it wasn't too bad, but we were all pooped at the end of it all! haha Our district also got together and ate pizza school (just a pizza company here). My companion Elder Hansen stacked 2 cheese pizzas and went for it. I was pretty impressed seeing as how I barely finished my one! haha It was legendary! This week the zone leaders had an investigator get baptized. So I got to do the baptismal interview for that! It went pretty well and it was pretty fun. I found it interesting that me, a little 20 year old boy was interrogating (interviewing), this 50 year old man! haha He took me completely and 100% seriously. It was a big testament to me of the Priesthood I hold and how much that authority from God truly means! Anyways, their investigator got baptized yesterday and it was the first baptism in our ward in 7 months! So that was a big help for the ward I think. On kind of a side note, I let him borrow my white shirt because he didn't have one and they ended up locking it in the room with the baptismal font. So Elder Hansen kind of had to do a little manuever to get it back for me seeing as all the people with keys to the font had left! It was a fun little adventure! haha Also yesterday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting! I gave it about the Book of Mormon and it was really cool because then the speaker after me ended up getting up and talking about the Book of Mormon as well. I was a little nervous because it was in Korean and I only had like 2 days to prepare it, but it went really well I felt like. The spirit was present and I even felt guided and comfortable to veer off my plan a little bit at times which was cool! Our ward has started this thing where every night at 9PM they pray for the missionaries. It has been really cool to feel the difference in the work as they have done that. I had a memebr tell me after my talk how good my Korean was and that he thought I was a really good missionary and received some good feelings about me. He said that the missionaries are always good, but he feels like recently they have been sending some outstanding missionaries to their ward! He was really grateful and it was cool to hear that. I had another member tell me that normally when foreigners speak they have some awkward moments here and there but he didnt notice any in mine and felt really comfortable during it! So that was really cool! The church is true! Good week!
-Elder Hobson 

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