Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Quote/phrase: "Take up my cross and follow me".
Well this week the world was in a frenzy! Robin Williams commited suicide, the Pope visted Korea (directly in the center of our mission actually), and I saw a woman fall off a scooter driving down the main road in Seoul! Things are crazy. Religious debate, excitement, and fighting reign over Korea. People are interested in religion, but it is hard to convince them that I am actually a nice person. Other churches have people go in the middle of crosswalks with microphones yelling at people to "repent!" and "believe!". Needless to say, that doesn't give us a very good image when we introduce ourselves as missionaries. But the work of the Lord is going forth nobly and humbly. It cannot and will not be stopped!
This week was great as always. We called a number from an old progress record that was lying around in our house. We set an appointment with this guy. Well of course we go to meet him and he is a no show, but we called him and he said to instead come to his house in 2 hrs. So we got his address and went to his house. Well again we showed up at his apartment and when we were locked out and hungup on a few times, we figured that this guy really didn't want to meet us. We were of course a little upset, but as we were walking out of his complex we see this guy and he calls us over. He introduced himself as the man we were supposed to meet and said that his phone had run out of battery and that he was out on the street and not in his house because he had to wait for his wife. Well he was super nice and apparently he doesn't have to work for the month of August so we will try to meet him as many times as we can. He is a very nice guy and I have a good feeling about him. That was probably the biggest miracle we were able to see this week! The work is going well! We are still working hard to find people to teach and what not. This week when we contacted I tried a new tactic of contacting with a picture of Christ in my hand. I haven't seen any immediate results in this yet, but I do know that as I did so, my contacts tended to be a lot more spiritual and a lot more gospel focused. Also this week at church I was able to have 3 questions answered which was really cool because that was our commitment from district meeting was to come to church with a question and be prepared to receive an answer and it is also our mission focus for this month. One of the answers I received was actually a question I asked a few months ago at 12 week follow up about how we can have more consistent spiritual experiences. The answer is that if we are living worthily, we always have the Spirit to be with us (as promised). So if we are doing that, then our life is a living, breathing, walking spiritual experience! Just because the Spirit is always with us, doesn't mean he always has to be talking to us. I related that to sleeping in the same room as a companion. I know that he is there, but he isn't saying anything to me and I cannot see him, yet I can feel his presence and know that he is there! Anyways, great week! The church is true! Good luck as everyone starts to go back to school and stuff and begin a consistent routine again! The church is true!
-Elder Hobson

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