Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Quote: "Long lay the world in sin and error pining, 'til he appeared and the soul felt it's worth." Okay so I know this is a Christmas song/quote, but I have been thinking a lot this week about that sacred night when our Savior was born. How would I have felt? Would I have realized what was happening? Would I have got down on my knees to worship the lowly and humble King of Kings? I find it quite magnificent to imagine that night. How blessed we truly are!!!
First off, Happy 4th of July to everyone! Family, I am sorry I couldn't be there at the cabin to beat you all in Pinochle and to kick it with you all, but I love you and I'll be there soon enough;)  This week was great as usual!!! Many of you ask, so YES! It is getting pretty hot here in Korea. But that being said, you just keeping going and living life. Nothing unbearable. Just pretty humid, which I enjoy for some reason! Anyways, probably one of the best parts of my week was that I found a place in Seoul to buy Flammin Hot Cheetos!!!;) haha Okay so that wasn't the best part of my week, but it was definitely a highlight! I grabbed the bag and instantly bought them. The man could have told me they were 35$ and I probably would have bought them. But they weren't that much so don't worry;) On Tuesday our house embarked on doing a "perfect day" of missionary work. That means we did our absolute best to live the missionary rules and standards and to just work ourselves dogged. It was a fun experience. We didn't see any HUGE miracles immediately, but the overwhelming feeling of comfort and peace was a big enough miracle for me. I suppose our miracle is that our most progressing investigator is still meeting with us, so that is of course, always a plus! So that was a fun experience and we plan on trying it more often and more frequently in the future! This week we had interviews with President Christensen. I love that man! He always knows just the right answer and what to say. He gave me some good ideas on a couple questions that I asked him. Grateful for the leadership in our church and ultimately for our Heavenly Father who leads and guides us.
This weekend in my area our district had two baptisms! That was awesome. The first one was a girl that the Korean sisters had been meeting for awhile and she was finally able to get baptized. That was a good experience. Then the other one was an investigator from the other sisters that I haven't old you guys anything about yet so I guess I will give you the whole story. A month or two ago while I went to get my hair cut, the lady that cut my hair seemed very scared to touch my foreigner hair (my fro if you will) haha. She was very timid and it took her quite a long time to cut my hair. Well, as I talked to her I found out that it was her first day working there (I laughed inside that she had to cut my hair on her first day). I also found out that she was interested in learning English and that she had seen one of our churches when she was younger. Well long story short, I got her number and referred her to the sisters.  The sisters taught her and it was all fine and dandy and they set a baptismal date with her. Well a few days before her baptism this women started texting me. Turns out she really really likes me. At first I started talking to her just to kind of keep everything good in her mind about the church and what not so she would still get baptized, but eventually she started getting too flirty and I had to stop texting her (its actually something I will have to tell President about. Like I am not in trouble, but this woman seriously loves me). Anyways, she asked me to baptize her and so I got the opportunity to baptize her yesterday which was a great experience. Now I just have to be careful and do my best to avoid her so she doesn't try anything... haha Yikes. So ya, that is that story! I will send pictures as well. Other than that, this week was the year mark of me going to the temple for the first time! Seriously feels like just yesterday! Anyways, great week, The church is true! I love you all!

Elder Hobson

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