Sunday, August 24, 2014


Quote: "It's all perspective."
This week, as always, was great. Everyone seems to ask so I will just tell you that me and my companion are doing great. Things are well. To start off, we have been looking for a couch ever since I got to Gyo Mun and we finally found one. One day this week the other elders in our house said they were going to stay home and clean up things for a little bit. So we left and when we came back that night we had a couch and a painting and some wall art that Elder Van and I had found earlier that week. I was so excited!!! It was like Christmas morning!!! The house feels so much more like a home now and we all love it! So we have enjoyed that this week. As for missionary work... Elder Van and I had our first investigator come to church while we have been together. It was cool because when he first came he seemed like he really wanted to go, but as we sat down with him and our ward mission leader and just talked about things, he was asking to stay for Priesthood meeting! It is amazing the effects of member missionary work! This investigator is 19 and graduates high school soon. Because of that he will be leaving in August so we are doing all we can to get him into the church before then! As for another one of our investigators, he is from England and is constantly telling us that he doesn't have interest in the church past just obtaining knowledge. We had a pretty intense lesson with him this week and one where I felt the spirit stronger than I have in a while. He kind of shot down everything we had but at the same time he said that we would read the Book of Mormon. He says he isn't interested, but I can tell that he wants to know it is true. Also earlier this week we were able to go to the temple. that was great as always.
Then to finish this week we had a man named PJ Rogers come and speak to us. He is a pretty big name in Korea (especially among LDS). He has lived here for like 30 years and served a mission here. His Korean is super good and he owns like 3 or so businesses in Korea and also ran a radio show here! Right now he is a professor at BYU-H. He talked a lot about Korean culture and customs and how we could and should use that to help us teach. Probably the coolest thing that he talked about that I liked was that how our thoughts ultimately effect everything about us. They effect our words, then our actions, then our environments and ultimately who we become. It was a cool way to put things and he talked about just the power of thoughts. If we look at something as hard and challenging, then ya it will be the hardest thing in the world (hence today's quote). Anyways, it was good and he is a funny guy. This week was great and all is going well! Happy 4th of July to everyone! I love you all! The church is true!
-Elder Hobson

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