Monday, October 6, 2014


Quote: "No guilt in life, no fear in death. This is the power of Christ in me."
Great aunt jamaymas peppers....!!!.... its OCTOBER!!! Things are going well in the good old Korea!!! It is starting to get a little bit colder, but it is seriously like the perfect temperature right now. We will have to put our suit jackets on come next week following general conference! As usual, I have heard many great things about that! Hope you all enjoyed it! I encourage you to go back and review them. I have someone in my district report on one of the talks every week in district meeting (very similar to Monday Mondays in Brother Fife's seminary class). The Asian games have been going on here in Korea and from what I heard Korea got 2nd (which is basically first because it is near impossible to beat China whose population is 26x Korea's... I mean lets be real, America can barely beat China most the time! haha). But the big news was that Korea beat North Korea in soccer 1-0! That was probably the biggest win for the DeaHanMinKook (Korea!). Besides all that though, this week has been pretty great. We had one of our investigators who had a baptismal date meet with us this week for the first time in like 4 weeks. So that was great. Hopefully we can help him kick it back into gear. This week was my year in country mark! We all went out to a meat buffet as a district! Super good! Crazy to think that I have been here a year. Everything is starting to repeat itself. Kind of weird. This week we also went to a welfare center and did a service project. We helped cook lunch, clean dishes, and serve old people and I handed out a drink and a snack to them as they left (almost like I was a greeter at a wedding... reminded me when Ij was little how I would always get assigned to jobs like that...;)) haha. But it was super fun and we worked it out with them where we will come in every Thursday to help with that. Super fun! I really enjoyed it. All the old people are just blown away that we speak Korean and the other volunteers will try to speak really crappy English to you and it is super funny! Also this week we had a sports conference/activity with our Stake. It was a lot of fun to just get out and run around a little bit and play with little kids and do cheesy team building activities and stuff. I will send you some pictures. Lets just say though that because our ward has a lot of primary kids that we tried to include, we got second to last...;) haha whoops! But overall is was a pretty fun day! Also this week while proselyting, I met a guy and as I started talking to him he asked me where I was from. I said the United States and then he asked me where in the United States. I just sighed because the word for Australia in Korean sounds a lot like Idaho... so every time people ask me my State and I say Idaho, they think I am saying Australia.... kinda annoying. But anyways, I proceeded to tell this guy that I was from Idaho and he stops and goes, "wait really? I lived in Boise!" I was quite taken back and I talked to him for a few minutes about how he lived close by BSU and studied education there and what not. Super weird to talk about Boise! I could literally visualize some of the places he was talking about! So that was really fun! Also, I am glad to hear that BYU lost. We were actually just talking this week about how they always blow it for themselves. It is okay. Bronco needs to retire soon anyways;).  Well I hope you all enjoyed conference! I'm excited to watch it next week! Things are going well here in Korea and the Church is true!

-Elder Hobson

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