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Quote: "I don't know what it is or who it is that makes you guys happy, I just know that I want it." -Our Investigator

This week was great as usual! I got a new companion this week. His name is Elder Kim Tae Hyun. Or as Mom has been wondering, Kim Tae Hyun Jagno. He is from the more southern part of Korea (the same stake actually as my last Korean companion). He is 20 in Korean age, the same age as me!!!:) (That is a big deal in Korea, so that is always fun). He hasn't been to college yet, but really wants to go to BYU. But he isn't very good at English, so he really wants me to help him get good enough to go to BYU. He has been on his mission about 6 months. And his last companion was Elder Ney (my MTC comp if any of you remember him). He really likes music and is actually pretty decent at singing (especially for Koreans) which is fun because I haven't really had a singing companion yet! haha. He also LOVES chicken. Kind of funny but I can't tell you how many times already in our few days together that I have heard the words, "ahhhh chicken mokgoshipda!!!!" ("ahhhhhh I want to eat chicken!!!!!")... so funny. I think I will like him though. Should be a fun transfer! Also this week before Elder Hansen left, we were able to set a baptismal date with one of our investigators for the first week in December! We are pretty excited. HE is still in the hospital for a little bit which is unfortunate, but also good because it helps him quit drinking. He is about 3 weeks now without alcohol!!!! Whoooooo:) Now we just got to work on smoking, coffee, and tea, haha, but I think he could make it! Praying hard for him!

This week we are planning and getting together a big Halloween party. And yesterday in our correlation meeting with our ward mission leader he kind of snapped at us. It wasn't very cool but It's kind of hard to explain the situation seeing as I would have to explain different cultural things and phrases in Korean. Needless to say, it was pretty dramatic, but we are still planning on doing it!!!:) We are getting a bunch of Halloween activities together for the ward which I think they will like because Koreans have never really experienced Halloween like we have. Its not really a thing here! haha So should be fun! Wish us luck! Also my new district goes as follows, Elder Smith, Elder Choi, Elder Fronk, Elder Lundberg, Elder Anderson, Elder Bluhm, Elder Kim, me, Sister Haynie, Sister Yang, Sister Anderson, and Sister Lee. We had some new sisters come this transfer and they are currently opening a new area. They found someone and got her to church in their first 4 days together! Pretty cool! Also I was able to do a baptismal interview for one of the Sister's investigators this week and another who's husband had been opposing her baptism finally gave them the go ahead for this Saturday! So our district may have 2 baptisms on Saturday! We found out that the reason the husband had been opposing was because he didn't feel worthy to baptize her, but he met with the bishop and he is good! Makes me never want to do anything to even maybe be in that situation! Anyways, good week, love you all! The church is true!

-Elder Hobson

Weekly service project at the shelter home.  I am cutting radish
We decided to check out this roof one night... sick view!!!!
Elder Kim and Elder Hobson, 
he really wanted chicken, ordered from less active :)

Elder Hobson, Ney and Kim
The guy with the BSU sweatshirt! He is Korean
 but it seemed like he was a black thug from NY

Supposedly the hottest ramen in Korea..... I went for it tho!
Not too bad but definitely spicy

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