Sunday, August 24, 2014


Quote: "It's easy to forget what you aren't." -Elder Van Orden (haha there is a story behind this one but it is too long to tell today!)
This week was really good! Elder Van Orden and I are getting along just fine. He is a good teacher and has lot's of good experiences to share. I feel like I have been blessed with companions who are really good teachers. It is something I have always hoped for because I don't consider myself a very good teacher. It is something I struggle at. But things are going well.
This week we were able to find 3 new investigators and surprisingly enough 2 of them were college kids that attend university in Pennsylvania at Penn State! It was kind of ironic because they are the same age, live in the same town, speak about the same amount of English, went to the same college in America, have pretty similar interests, but have never met. Hopefully if things go well with both of them, they can meet (preferably at church;)) haha. Other than that, we are just doing our best to find some people who will meet with us consistently. It seems to be the struggle of most missionaries;) haha but I know that as we rely on the Lord and be obedient that we will see those miracles that everyone talks about!
In other news this week, we went to a buffet called VIPS. One of our members took us there and let's just say, this place isn't cheap. We estimated that they bought each of us about a 40$ steak and then about 20$ for the buffet part plus special drinks. Take all that times 10 missionaries and 2 members. I'll let you do the math on that paycheck. But I was super grateful! I had been wanting to eat there for the longest time but it is just too expensive to go to by myself. So that was definitely a highlight of my week!
Also this week we were walking and we came up to this cat outside our apartment building. it was dark but we could see that it was just standing there in a hunched forward position and not moving. We got closer and closer to it and it would not move. We stood there for a second wondering why we hadn't scared it yet, then all of a sudden it lunges forward and throws its claw into this crack in the cement. Before we knew it this cat had a squealing mouse in it's mouth and was prancing by victoriously! It was kind of startling at first, but It was definitely one of the coolest things I have seen in awhile! It was super sick! Anyways, the church is true! Grateful to be out here!
-Elder Hobson

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