Sunday, June 15, 2014


Quote: "Freedom lives within"...  an Elder in my house loves this phrase, so I put it up there for him today.
This week was great as usual! I guess to start, transfers were this week!!! After saying all the goodbyes and everything to the ward and to Elder Kim... I finally met Elder Van Orden. He was in my first zone when I started my mission, so I kind of knew of him. He is 23 (American age) and is originally from Boston but moved to Utah for like 2 years. He was in the military for 6 years and so he has a lot of crazy and scary stories! I actually enjoy hearing about them though. It is so cool to meet people and figure out there backgrounds, interests, and talents. I try to learn something about a talent or skill that each of my companions has that I can hopefully try to develop later. It is pretty fun and interesting! He is a fun guy though. He will go back to the military for 2 yrs after his mission to finish his contract. He is a convert to the church and was baptized at 20. He has some cool experiences and stories from that as well. He was stationed in Korea for awhile and so he was really happy when he got his call to come here. His Korean is better than mine and he is a pretty good teacher! Did I miss anything...?;)  He is also the only member in his family. So far everything has been pretty good together. Should be a fun transfer or two!
We have one investigator who has some sort of mental problem, we aren't completely sure of his level of "there-ness" if you know what I mean. He seems to want to get baptized though. I got Elder Van Orden's thoughts on it and he says he doesn't think he needs baptism, but if he wants it and it makes him feel good, then of course we will do it. So that is kind of where we stand right now with him. We just have the commandments left to teach him. But he isn't remembering stuff very well... So we will see where that takes us. As for our other 9 year old investigator... he is being a bum. We are trying our best, but he really is just giving us nothing! Pray for him! We will need a miracle or we will have to drop him soon.
One of the other companionships in our district had a baptism this week! That was super cool! Love seeing people change in their lives! Also Happy Father's Day to any of you dads or will be dads. The church is true! So stoked to be out here serving!
-Elder Hobson
Thumbs up for Korea
check out the traffic pattern

Dinner delivered by two guys on scooters.
City currently in

He is 15 stories not attempt this at home!

My Companion Elder VanOrden

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