Sunday, June 15, 2014



Quote: "For in thee is my joy" Alma 33:11
First off, thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! It is always a good feeling when you are struggling to finish email on time because people were writing you! Thank you all!
This last pday we went hiking with our district so that was super fun!
This week we had a district fast for one of the sister's investigators. She has been coming to our English class for ten years and says that she knows the church is true, but since her brother is a preacher for a different church, she is scared to join our church. So we fasted for her to be brave enough to make the step and be baptized. We haven't got anything yet, but she continues to be in our prayers!
This week Elder Kim and I were able to have a baptism! It was super good. Right before the ordinance me and Sister Schillemat (a sister in my district) sang a duet. (We actually got asked to sing it in sacrament meeting the next day too!) It was super cool and simple and brought the spirit perfectly for our investigator to be baptized. I was able to be a witness and Elder Kim baptized him. The spirit was super strong and it was a great service. Afterwards, his grandmother (a less active of 20 years) got up and bore her testimony and told how great it was that he had taken that step and that she was coming back to church! Super cool! Then during the confirmation the next day at church, Bishop blessed him to be a good example for his father and brother, to be able to serve a mission, and to have the courage to stand up for what he believed throughout his life! Super cool blessing. It was a big testimony to me that the Spirit truly does direct blessings. Everyone I have witnessed has been very unique to the individual receiving it. It was a very cool experience.
As for crazy foods, I ate cold noodles in a bean paste soup this week... Not my favorite, but edible. Also... WATERMELON is in season! I have eaten so much watermelon recently! It is juicy and delicious. I had watermelon at 4 meals in 2 days. I seriously have probably eaten an entire watermelon in 2 days... delicious!
Also there is an election going on in the city I'm in. It is pretty fun and interesting to see the differences between that here and in America. They go HARD here and you have to be super rich to run. If I have time I will send pictures! Anyways, all is going well, the church is true! Love you all!
-Elder Hobson

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