Sunday, May 18, 2014



This week's motto quote: "Something extraordinary is happening. Do you sense it?" -Elder Scott
This week, as always was great doing the Lord's work! We were blessed to see several miracles this week. Again, not everything went perfectly as planned, but it all works out for the best under the Lord's direction. Elder Kim and I are doing well. This week marked 100 days of he and I serving together! That is like 1/7 of my mission! CRAZY! We have had some good laughs this week. Our two investigators with baptismal dates (the brothers) kind of had a little meltdown at our Saturday night FHE. We think they were just tired. It kind of wrecked the Spirit for a little bit, but we eventually got everyone calmed down and everything seemed to be okay by the end of the night. However, one of them had a body check on Sunday morning and the other went somewhere with his Dad. So neither of them came to church. But since the older one has been to church 3 times already, we still plan on baptizing him this Saturday. Many prayers and hard effort will be but into that this week. So we are hoping and praying for them.
The miracle was that despite that disappointment, we still had two other investigators come to church. One is an investigator that I saw on the street a few days earlier and invited him to church. At the time it didn't seem like he would come, but it just goes to show how much just inviting and doing the fundamentals can help in the Lord's work! We will see how the progression of him goes.
This week Elder Kim went on exchanges with our district leader so I was with our district leader's greenie. That was fun and we had a good day. It was weird to be with a foreigner again! haha.
In other news Elder Kim and I were blessed to find 5 new investigators this week which ties our previous high. We feel very fortunate. While we were teaching one kid about the Restoration, he said that he felt something warm in his chest and he didn't know why. Elder Kim and I just looked at each other and smiled. It was the first time on my mission where I have had an investigator tell me that they were feeling the Spirit like that. It was a cool experience and comforting to know that the Spirit is still working through us.
In my studies I have been marking the promises in PMG and in D&C and various other scriptures. It is really cool to see how often and how many times that the Lord will give us a condition and promise us these incredible blessings. He is bound when we do what he says. He maps out all these wonderful blessings we can obtain and we often overlook them! I need to do better at recognizing them, understanding them, and applying them. This week has been great. God's work can try to be stopped, but under His hand and the hand's of his servants, it will go forth boldly and victoriously forever! The church is true!
-Elder Hobson 

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