Sunday, May 18, 2014


This week's Motto: "Thy will be done." Matthew 26:42
Well today is a pretty crazy day! It is Children's Day in Korea, Cinco De Mayo, and the 2 year mark from the day I won my Ultimate State Championship!!! Nice!
Anyways, as for the missionary work this week, we went hiking on one of the famous mountains in Korea last week for P-Day! Super fun and cool! I will try and send some pics! That was super fun!
So on Wednesday we were out street contacting and I get a call. I answered and a woman said, "Hello, I am Jun Ha's mom!". I was kind of taken back. She asked if she could talk to him and I said ya I would have him call her back (because he was across the street when I got the call). So he called her back and apparently he has to go do his military service next month. In Korea all men after have to serve 2 years of service in the military after graduating high school. Well there are ways to delay going for a couple years. Elder Kim had done some of that and he was good until 2015, but he delayed when he was in America going to school and so when he came back to Korea his postponing got cancelled and the government called and said he has to go. It was a rough day. I felt bad for him. But we think he will finish this transfer and then go next month. He says he wants to and plans to come back and finish his missionary work, but it was just sad and difficult to see that happen. It was sad to see how abruptly this great opportunity can end! But he will be great!
The miracle of this week is that we were able to set 2 baptismal dates with a pair of brothers we are teaching. They are 11 and 9 and tend to get really rowdy really fast, but they love hanging out with us and they seem to like the whole gospel thing too. It is fun to see them progress. Their Mom and Grandma are members but their Dad doesn't really like the church, so we are working on that. Anyways, the original date was for May 17th, but we may have to push it back to the 24th because one of the boys went fishing with his Dad yesterday and missed church! haha. They are super fun though and it is cool to see them progress!
Also this week we were able to pick up a Chinese investigator. He speaks pretty good Korean, but it is a different way of speaking and difficult for me to understand. Elder Kim seems to be able to communicate with him fairly well though so that is good. It is weird teaching someone who has never thought about God or even considered the possibilities of that notion. How blessed we are to have the knowledge that we do in this gospel! The church is true! I love you all!
-Elder Hobson

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