Sunday, April 27, 2014


Motto: "The heavens are not sealed. God is not limited." -Elder Ballard
This week was crazy! To start off, our investigator from Pakistan had our entire district over for some authentic Indian chicken curry! SOOOOOo good, I love curry! I have found that it is one of my favorite foods now. As for his progression as an investigator. He is a religion major and knows a TON about religion. It is hard to keep up with him sometimes. But something that I have learned is that your testimony of simple doctrinal principles can take you a long way! He is willing to read the Book of Mormon but has a ton of questions about everything. Like that is normally a good thing, but we think it is to the point of where he is basically trying to prove it all wrong. He is a little too skeptical and not faithful enough if that makes sense. But we are working on him. He wanted to have all the missionaries over to see if they could tell him something we hadn't, but I think that he found our answers were all unwavering because this gospel doesn't change.
Then on Wednesday we had Elder Whiting of the Seventy come and talk to us. It was pretty good and he taught us a lot of good things. He was just a little interesting. but I still respect him as a General Authority and a servant of God. The biggest thing I learned from him was about petitioning the Lord.
We are continuing to meet with two young boys. They are super fun and they came to church yesterday. they like to fight and so it was a little hard to keep them settled during the meetings, but we made it. Me and another Sister on my row were sitting on either side of them and kept having to put our arms around them to get them to stop fighting. I felt like a parent... rough future ahead...;) haha.
Then on Saturday we all woke up early and had a busy day. We had a big ward picnic! That was fun. We played dodge ball, and soccer, and basketball, and golf, and treasure hunts, and jazzercise. It was pretty fun and I am still extremely sore. Like literally I can barely move my leg. Just goes to show I need to be more consistent about my morning running. Then after a long day of that we hurried back to our house for a quick shower and then hurried over to the church for our baptism. Our 92 year old investigator got baptized! It was super cool. His children are all members and so it was cool to see him join the ranks with them. It was a big testimony to me of eternal families. At the baptism the Bishop said that "he had a big work to do in the next life". When his son-in-law baptized him he had to put his arm around him and cradle him into the water like a baby child. It was tender and he is so frail. Then afterwards, the ward got him a BIG triple combination so he could see the words. We gave it to him and he asked, "Where do I need to read to and when?". Super cute and super funny. Whether he realized it or not, after he was baptized he honestly did look healthier and happy. It was a cool experience. Right after that we got on a train to go to the South mission for a big conference. Sister Burton and Sister Oscarson were there to talk to the Koreans and it was pretty good. I was WAY far in the back so it was harder for me to focus, but still a great meeting (in english!!! haha). Then we got transfer calls that night on the way home. Our entire district will stay together except one sister. Looks like there is more work for Elder Kim and I to do together. Also my trainer Elder Fonnesbeck got made the new AP! Cool cool! The church is true! I love you all!

Elder Hobson

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