Tuesday, April 22, 2014


This weeks motto: "Making the days count"
This week was great! We went bike riding on Monday down by the river! That was pretty fun! To start off I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter! I am so grateful for the Savior and his atoning sacrifice for all men. "Oh sweet the joy this sentence gives, I know, that my Redeemer lives". Couldn't say it any better myself. Happy Easter!
This week we continued to meet with the two families we are teaching. Just like we teach our 92 year old investigator, we draw out pictures and write definitions so it is easier for the kids to follow. When explaining about Christ and how he came to Earth and established his Church and died, one of the kids asked, "So where is he buried?" and Elder Kim replied, "He isn't buried, he resurrected and is living again". The kids eyes got really big and he said, "워! 대박!" Which basically means, 'WOW! COOL!".  Then he started asking how and why and when, and we kind of just laughed with him and told him we would talk more about that next week. But both of these families are super nice and super cool. Our only problem right now is that their Dads aren't home during the day and we can't go over if there isn't an adult male present. So we have been going with members, but they seem to always be busy and no one can go with us... pray for us! 
This week while I was talking to someone on the street, a guy who was campaigning for an upcoming election in Korea walked up to me and hugged me and said, "Work hard while proclaiming God's word" and then walked away. Haha super funny and random but Kind of made my day actually!
As for miracles this week, our 92 year old investigator passed his baptismal interview!!!! WHOHOO! I guess in the interview they had to remind him like 4 times what baptism was... "yikes;) I promise we taught him what baptism was! And also when he was asked about a homosexual relationship he said, "No, I have never had the opportunity to participate in one!" haha Classic!
Elder Kim and I continually find ourselves blessed with miracle after miracle that follows our hard-work. This week Elder Kim has been struggling to set street lessons and get numbers like he has in the past and that seems to get him down. I am just doing my best to keep encouraging him. I think we have all had a couple weeks like he has had and it will come to a point where he figures something out and it'll all flip for him. We both have a big testimony that after bad things happen, good things are bound to happen. (Opposition in all things right?). So he always just tells me when he is discouraged, "A good one is coming right? That's what you always say." We were talking this week and he said, every time we get spit on, we should get a baptism. Well, sure enough, that very same day I got food spit on me while talking to a drunk man, and Hey, we have a baptism this week! Haha, funny stuff!
Anyways, the church is true! I know it! I love you all!
-Elder Hobson

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