Sunday, April 6, 2014


Motto for this week... "His kingdom never faileth"... Who can name the hymn?;)
How is everyone! Happy April fool's tomorrow! (I am always looking for a reason to celebrate. Since I have been on  mission, I realize I will celebrate just about anything! haha) For instance... today is my 8 month mark on my mission!  And Next Sunday (April 6th) is Christ's birthday... so therefore, it is Christmas! WHOOOO!!! Also spring is coming! Things are getting really nice here and we are blessed to live by some cool cherry blossom trees! (I will send pictures). This week went well. Elder Kim and I are continually working hard. Things didn't go exactly how we thought they would this week, but we think they went how God wanted them to go. Not everything was perfect and we had some weird occurrences, but we are realizing that it has all worked out for the better. It always does with the Lord on our side. We still have one baptismal date, but we aren't sure if he is going to make it. We are praying and studying hard for him, but we will see. I have really realized this week the importance of the Book of Mormon. Like I already knew how important it was, but seriously without the Book of Mormon, our Church is just word of mouth. Without the Book of Mormon even I wouldn't even believe in our church. Like I understand why people think we are kind of weird and different. But when I remember what I have read and felt, that weirdness somehow all makes perfect sense! 
The miracle of this week was that Elder Kim and I were sitting in our house at dinner and we were talking about how things were going kind of weird and what we could do to change them. Then all of the sudden we got 3 phone calls from 3 different investigators within like 5 minutes from each other! Talk about an answered prayer! That was really cool. We were able to meet some people and teach some lessons. I think I forgot to tell you this, but my area is right next to the Han river which is right next to the South Mission. I have been wanting to go down and see the river for so long now and we finally had a member take us! I will send some pics of that too! Super cool!
This Saturday for our ward FHE we did a musical FHE. It was super cool. The missionaries sang, a couple combined numbers and a few other things here and there. I didn't get very good recordings, but I will send you what I got. There is a special spirit that music brings. So grateful for that.
This week we also taught our 92 year old investigator. He is a member referral and is super cute and funny. He reminds me a lot of Grandma Curtis. Anyway, he declined our baptismal invitation. But we think if we keep working with him that he should make it. The Church is true! I am so grateful to be out here in the beautiful land of Korea! Love you all!

-Elder Hobson

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A hornet that we caught this week!  We heard
 that you could freeze them and they would come
 back to life... so we tried it... but we think we might
 have suffocated him and killed him... our bad;) haha
  Anyway... he was a boss.
   We eventually dumped him out our 17 story window!

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Cherry Blossoms outside our house

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