Sunday, April 6, 2014


Hello Everyone.
This week doesn't have one huge story, but rather several little small ones. To start, Elder Kim gave me a Korean name this week. It is 하성헌 (Ha Sung Hun). "Ha" comes from the Kim Jun Ha in his name. It just so happens that Ha is a Korean last name too (last name always goes first if you hadn't picked up on that yet). "Sung" in the Chinese characters can mean like success. And "Hun" is part of his Dads name. Since I am his Dad in the mission, I got part of that family lineage;)  So basically my name means success! Sick huh?
Anyways, short story #2. I ate like intestine soup type stuff this week. It wasn't terrible, but I probably won't pay to eat it again haha. It literally felt like they kind of just chopped up a cow and put it in the broth.
Short story #3... Last P-day we went to a public bath house!... SICK!  Basically, it was just five white dudes chillin nude with a bunch of old Korean men! It was quite the freeing and enjoyable experience believe it or not! There are like 3 different temperature of tubs and 3 different types of Saunas. (... sorry no pictures;)) haha
Okay short story #4 this week while I was proselyting, I was talking to some old dude on the street. Normally if I don't understand someone I can kind of talk it through with them until I understand, but I was talking to this old dude and I literally could not understand a word of what he was saying! So I start walking with this guy and eventually I just started laughing to myself because he was trying so hard to explain to me while he didn't need my religion and how I didn't need to talk to him, but I couldn't understand a thing. We he talked my ear off for another little while and eventually he grabbed my hand and just kept walking. Needless to say I started laughing even more and I walked down a street probably about a block holding hands with an old Korean guy. It was quite the experience! haha I had a good laugh about it.
Also, yesterday we had a dinner appointment with some members and I was able to understand about 90% of the conversation! That was super cool and we ended up talking about how potatoes are famous in Idaho and then we shared a message about enduring to the end. 
The miracle of this week was that we got one new investigator. He does gymnastics and is 19 (Korean age, so about 17 USA age). He is super cool and goes to Church with his friends. He thinks we are cool and that our church is somewhat interesting and he is curious about what we believe. SO hopefully we can grab his attention before he loses curiosity;) haha. Right now he still attends church with his friends but says he might come to ours on Sunday! Cool stuff!  I love this work and I love being a missionary! The church is true! My favorite scripture from personal study this week was Jacob 6:12... "O be wise: what can I say more?"... Cliche! I love and miss you all!
-Elder Hobson

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