Sunday, April 6, 2014


This week!!!! What a whirlwind! So last week on P-Day we wanted to play pool, or billiards. Well turns out that those are actually two different things in Korean. So we went to a place that we thought was pool but it was actually a game called Dang Goo! Dang Goo is a table just like pool but it doesn't have any pockets and has a different amount of balls. Needless to say, we were very dumbfounded when the simple American billiards that we knew was not there! haha But luckily my Korean companion knows how to play and so we still had a good time! I will send you some pics!
Also this week I tried a new Korean food called Hae Jang Gook. It is a soup and it has the backbone of a pig in it. It is funny because it is traditionally the soup that people eat in the mornings to help them recover from a late night of drinking. It is super good though. I really enjoyed it!  You just have to pick out the bones and put them in a bowl.
Anyway, for the spiritual part of my week. The miracle was that Elder Kim and I found 3 new investigators! We are really starting to feel our prayers answered and as we continue to work hard and try our best.  We are seeing the blessings and the miracles everyday. Not everyday is all daisies and roses... but it sure is a great feeling for a missionary to rest your head on your pillow each night and think, "Wow, I went hard and did what the Lord would have me do this day".
Last night we were able to attend a family's FHE. They wanted one pair of missionaries to come each week because they have two sons that don't really like church and they leave after sacrament meeting every week. We went and ate delicious Kimchi and rice and played games and then Elder Kim and I shared about the Restoration of our church. Specifically how our church is different from every other church because of that. We asked them to think about what the word "restoration" truly meant to them. The spirit was felt and I felt very honored to be in their house. It was cool to see these parents that cared so much about their children that they were/are willing to do that every week. Testimony of FHE! What a great experience. The church is true! So happy to be on the front lines proclaiming it. Love you all! Love Korea!
-Elder Hobson

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