Sunday, April 6, 2014


Well another great week has come and gone here in Korea!!! Lets see, a funny story from this week. I was talking to this guy on the street, and our conversation started off pretty normal. I asked him if he went to church and he said that he was Presbyterian! We talked about that for awhile and we kept walking. It got to the point of me inviting him to meet again and I told him I was Mormon. For some reason he started to get really upset. He told me that our conversation wasn't necessary and that I should go talk to other people. I of course ignored that and tried to help him and tell him what he needed to hear. Well, I must have missed something because I asked him to meet again and he started to get really mad and hit me in the chest. I of course just played it calm and lifted up my hand and pulled his away. I said, "I know this Church is true and that is why I am talking to you. So right now you aren't sure if you want to meet, but can I get your phone number and call you later?" At this point the man was literally shaking he was so angry and frustrated. He told me that he didn't need me and so as he tried to walk off I offered him my card. He stopped, took it from me, ripped it into 4 pieces, threw it at my face and stormed off. It was quite the experience. At first I was a little upset that anyone would reject Christ like that, but I was soon very grateful for people like him. If those people didn't exist in this world, we wouldn't have good people in this world.
This week we had Stake Conference. President Christensen came and spoke at that. My favorite line that he said was (in Korean so the translation is rough), "If you don't work hard, it won't be good". So Simple, yet so perfect for the Korean members.
This week I was uplifted by the title of one of our hymns. hymn#57... "We're Not Ashamed To Own Our Lord". At first I thought that meant just like being a good example and all. But as I thought of it more, we literally have Christ's name with us always as members of the church. As members of the church, we have a few names that are very meaningful on personal levels for us...but none is more important than that name of Jesus Christ that we take upon us at the time of our baptism. Through baptism, we literally own our Lord!
This week I heard a talk by President Uchtdorf and he said, "One of our purposes in life is to learn to love others more than ourselves!" That is something I am still working on. It is definitely a quest!
I was able to give Elder Kim a blessing this week. I am still getting used to giving blessings. But literally in the same day, he said that he was feeling better. I am grateful for the priesthood.
The miracle of this week was that we had an investigator accept a soft baptismal date (meaning, he said he would get baptized but we don't have a date yet). We will meet him on Wednesday and hopefully give him a date! Anyway, this week has been great as always! I am thankful for all of you and I love you all! The Church is true!
-Elder Hobson

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