Sunday, April 6, 2014


First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! I love you! the big...**;) haha. Love you!
This week was good! I had my last week in Ill San and a young man in our ward took me out and bought me a meat buffet... SICK! It was slightly sad saying bye to Ill San and my birthplace, but I was ready to go! Then I went to transfers and trainer training. I am training and opening a new are in Gyo Mun. Since I am opening I don't have much to report on investigators and may not for awhile;), but we will work hard and will have someone lined up for baptism soon... hopefully!
Okay the new area is cool! It is the second biggest in the mission... but all of the big stuff and most of the people are really just packed into about a 1 mile radius. I think of it as like a mini Seoul of sorts. The ward is amazing though! We have about 100 active members and they all LOVE the missionaries. I have been here 4 days and received two meals already. Our bishop and his wife are super cool and I love them already. My district is awesome and we only have 1 person from Utah! The rest are from other cool places like Idaho, New Hampshire, England, Ohio, Korea and New Zealand!!!  My new companion is Korean. His name is Kim Joon Hah! He is 22 (20 in America) and lives down south in the Pusan mission area. He has two little brothers and studied a year at BYU-H so he is super good at English (the only word he hasn't known yet is mundaneness!!!;)) haha. He is a fun kid and I think we will be good together. He likes to cook and he knows lots of Korean recipes... i haven't made a meal yet! haha
Other than that, all is going well! The miracle this week was small and was manifested in myself. We were giving a devotional at our ward FHE and I was able to comfortably give a message about receiving answers from prayers. I didn't struggle with my Korean (for the most part). What a blessing. Don't think I am super good now, because I still struggle a lot. But I am getting better with the Lord's help. I love you all! Happy Olympics! The Church is true!
-Elder Hobson

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