Sunday, April 6, 2014


This week was an interesting one. This week was Sol Nar which is the major Holiday in Korea. It is the celebration of the Lunar New Year and is always a 3 day event. This, along with many other traditions and stuff is when you turn a year older... (officially). Since it is a national Holiday, everyone goes to be with family in Pusan and stuff for these 3 days. So because of that, we had NOBODY to talk to! Also we had a mission Conference on one of the days. It was kind of an interesting meeting but I liked President Christensen's talk about hastening. He related it to a race and how at the end of a race you hasten your pace in order to win. He said same with missionary work. The work has been hastened... we are kicking in that last gear... now it is time to win. Get in your place and lift, put your foot forward that extra little bit of distance to get us that much closer to the victory. I also liked Sister Christensen's talk about music and the special spirit that it brings.
Then on Friday we took our Pday (because we didn't get one last Monday). It was also our "deep clean"/"change day" which basically means you clean out your houses big time. Thanks to me and a couple others in our house, we don't really allow our house to get that dirty so the cleaning only took a couple hours instead of the whole day. Then we got permission to watch "The Best Two Years" which was actually really fun.
I gave my last words in sacrament meeting yesterday and I talked about how much I have progressed in my first area and all the friends I had made. But most importantly I talked about how my testimony grew and bore a simple testimony. It went well. We got transfer calls and I am moving to a a new area called gyo mun (gyoh moon). I will be opening a new set of Elders (there are already 2 there, but I will start another one) and train. Fun Stuff! I am pretty nervous... but if people think I can do it, I guess I got it then. It will be a good growing experience I feel.
The miracle of this week came after conference. During the conference we were all given a Book of Mormon to write our testimonies in. The focus of our mission the last 2 months was the Book of Mormon. I am not very good at talking about the Book of Mormon when I proselyte, but I decided I was going to give it out to someone on the way home. I sat down next to a guy on the train and introduced it to him. I showed him and had him read my simple testimony. He said I was really good at Korean (just being nice) and then I showed him the introduction page and asked him to read it. He sat there and read the entire thing which I haven't had anyone do yet on my mission. When he finished reading he looked at me and said, "I have many questions about this". I was a little taken back but of course I took down his number and ended up referring him to the area where he lives. It was such a miracle. I am grateful for the Book of Mormon and the effect that it has on my life and the rest of mankind. I am so grateful for it in my life and the opportunity to read it everyday! I know without a doubt that it is true! Another week down and the work is progressing as always! God's hand is over us all. The Church is true!
-Elder Hobson

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