Sunday, March 9, 2014


Tomorrow marks my 6 month mark as a missionary! Whoooo! I'm a 1/4 missionary;) haha. Time has literally flown by. Can't believe I have been out this long! Kind of scary! If every 6 month stretch goes like this, I will be back a lot sooner than I wanted to be!
Anyway.... this week has been super good! I was able to finish "pass-off" on our language learning program with the AP's. So basically all that means is I am slightly better at Korean and I am now eligible to train. Speaking of which I might next transfer! My area will have 12 missionaries next transfer! That is SO many! So I might get transfered, or they might split me and Elder Hollingshaus and have us both train. I will find out for sure on Saturday when we get transfer calls! Exciting stuff!
This week we met with one of our investigators. He is an old guy and is one of the sweetest old men I have ever met. We have been teaching him for awhile now and he has such a desire to follow Christ and come to church and be baptized... BUT he has some major back issues and other body problems.  (We have offered him a Priesthood blessing but he struggles to believe that he can be healed.) I really hope this man can get his heart softened enough to take a step into the unknown for him to follow Christ. I have been praying so hard for him and how I can help him. He is so close!
One of the miracles of this week was very obvious. Elder Hollingshaus and I got 7 new investigators! We looked back at our weekly stats yesterday and couldn't really believe it. We feel so blessed and hope that some of these people can meet us continually and start progressing. As the week kept going I couldn't believe that all our appointments were going through and that people kept meeting with us! What a blessing and a strength from God. I love this work and am so grateful to be out on the front lines for our Heavenly Father! He loves all of his children regardless of circumstances! I have also started a personal study journal this week! It has been cool to record some of my thoughts and impressions and see what I am learning. I love you all! Thank you for all your prayers and support! They are felt and heard here. The church is true and I am grateful to be apart of it!
-Elder Hobson

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