Sunday, March 9, 2014

1-6-14 New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!
This week has been really fun! I would just like to start off noting the historic date of January 1st. It marks 7 years from BSU's thromping of Oklahoma in the greatest football game ever played! Also in Korea I am now 20 years old! Haha That is crazy to think about. In Korea you turn 1 when you are born and every year on the New Year you gain one year to your age. So I am now 20. I will come back from my mission 21, just like the good old days;) haha.
On New Years Eve our district went out to Outback (which is SUPER expensive in Korea!). I dropped about 35$ on my meal! It was so good and so worth it. It felt just like an American restaurant! Then we came home and hung out as a house and laid on our mats until midnight talking and then we all got up at midnight and made some noise and toasted some Sprite.  We also set some goals and fun things like that. My two major goals are to read the Book of Mormon everyday and to work so hard this year that I can look back on January 1st and the end of my mission next year and literally just collapse because I am so exhausted. I want to give it all! Spiritually, mentally, and physically!
The miracle of this week for us was that our two baptismal dates are going to happen! We have a baptism next Saturday at 10AM. This Sunday the two brothers both passed their interviews and are ready to go. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity. I don't really feel like I did anything. It was honestly all Heavenly Father and the Ward fellowshipped them a lot. I was just the fascilitator and their source of gospel knowledge. I am so excited for them. And again I am so grateful for Heavenly Father!
Beside that, this week we had many miracles that I won't have time to explain! But our district did a competition to see who could get the most street contacts and street lessons. Elder Hollingshause and I won. We got 365 contacts and 24 street lessons! (Normal is about 140 contacts and 10 lessons). Now we know how hard we can really work. We will hopefully have a lot of appointments and new investigators from this week! Since we won the rest of our district is getting us a family size Baskin Robins! GREAT week! It has been cool to see the hand of the Lord through it all! The church is true! HOORAH! GO BRONCOS! I wish you all a Happy New year!
-Elder Hobson

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