Sunday, March 9, 2014


This week was amazing... as always! To start off, we met with this really weird dude at the beginning of the week. We could'nt find his apartment so we were like 50 minutes late to our appointment and then when we got there he opened the door and pointed at us and said, "You Pabbo!" (which means you idiot!). We just kind of shrugged it off and then went in and taught him.. (or tried to). This man's house reminded me of an old cat lady.... GROSS! Then he had us drink like vitamin C tea while he showed us a scrapbook of past missionaries he had met! CREEPY! Anyway, after about 10 minutes he said he had to go, so we gladly got up and left and will probably never return. It was a weird experience and I didnt feel good at all!
Then we had a zone conference which the Ap's and President came to. They taught on many things so I can't share all my thoughts, but it was a very spiritual experience and one thing I will share is "become who God wants you to become". Me, Elder Chislholm, Elder Rhodes (my ZL's), Sister Taylor, Sister Haynie, and Sister Jong did a musical number. It was Abide with me. It wasn't very good, but I will send the recording anyway!
Also this week has been so bitingly cold! The wind has blown a lot which hasn't helped anything! But dont worry, I am staying warm. It doesn't stop us!
The miracle of this week was the baptism! We went to the church as soon as we woke up to get the water heated up (because you have to turn on a boiler or something weird). So we went to the church and started preparing. We set up the classroom, prepared a musical number, made sure everything was still good with the ward, changed, and then welcomed people as they came. However, we were waiting for 양시언 and 양시우 and 10 O clock came a round and they still weren't there. (10 was when we were starting). We of course paniced and then called and they said they were on their way... phew! When they came, I took them into the bathroom and helped them get changed and I changed myself. Then we went into the chapel and had our service. The talks that were given went well and then it was time to baptize them. I was fortunate enough to be able to do it. I stepped into the water and it wasnt quite warm enough because the boiler hadn't been on long enough, but at that point we didnt have a choice! I baptized them in Korean, of course, and it went well for both of them. After we got back into the bathroom to change, they just both looked at me and were like, "It is so cold!!!". Haha... so I helped them get the wet clothes off and change into some dry stuff! haha Funny kids! Then after we changed we went back into the chapel and finished up and then we had snacks! What a great day! The next day at church they received the Holy Ghost and the priesthood! Elder Hollingshaus and I got to stand in on that and the blessing that the bishop gave was super cool! In it he blessed 양시언 to be able to serve a mission and 양시우 that he would be able to serve a mission, that he would do well in school, and that his Dad would accept the gospel! Super cool blessing! So proud of those two and the steps they are making! What a great experience!
Other than that we didn't have a lot happen this week! But what a fun week! The church is so true and I know it! I am grateful for all the prayers that I feel and all the prayers that I can feel for the people of Korea! The church is true! HOORAH! GO BRONCOS!
-Elder Hobson

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