Sunday, February 9, 2014


Hello everyone!
This week was really good.
TO start.... farewell to Coach Pete. Kind of a cold move but I still love the guy!
This week we were walking and we saw an amazingly drunk man pop open a new bottle of alcohol (it is strong stuff, like 30% alcohol). We said to each other, "wow he is beyond drunk."  He sat down and started pounding that. Then a few minutes later we were waiting at a crosswalk and this guy stumbles up and passes out right in front of us. We didnt know what to do but another Korean man came up and tried to wake him up. When he couldn't do that he called the cops and they came and took him away. We were so sad and so amazed that people can and do just throw their lives away to things like that. He literally was passed out 2 feet from the road. We felt so bad and wished we could have helped more. I am so grateful for the Word of Wisdom and I can definitely see why it is important in our day!
On Friday we met No Gyung Hyung. He is our investigator that we lost contact with, but then met him again. We are finally back with him and talking and hopefully progressing. He wants to come to church but he works on Sundays. So we are working with him on that. Praying that he can switch his day off!
Then maybe the miracle of the week was when we met with a referral named Yoon Gwang Oong. He is a super old man and his daughter is meeting with the missionaries. She suggested him to us and so we met him. He is a super cool guy. He attended a different church as a kid, but has since fallen away. He has a lot of English learning interest, but says he wants to have a belief again. So we teach him slowly and simply using English. Last time we taught him about God and the Godhead. He thought that Jehovah was referring to God, not to Christ in the Bible. He and his family are very nice and we both agree that we can see him getting baptized.
On Saturday Elder Fonnesbeck and I met with one of our investigators who has been looking into the church since 1999 (almost as long as I have;)) haha. He knows it is true, he just won't admit it and finds silly things to bring up that try to distract us and keep him from having to be commited. So we devised a plan/play that we called the "Hail Mary" (I'll send a picture of it). We were trying to pin-point his main concerns and then testify about his concerns and problems. Then we wanted to pray with him in the end and see if we could commit him to baptism. Well.... that was the plan. We ran a similar play but were unsuccessful. He is a tough nut to crack and we are continuing to refine our teaching with him so that he will feel what he needs to in order to receive baptism. He has met with over 100 missionaries. Maybe we are just another 2 on his list. But I can't help but feel like I am impacting him somehow! So that is good I guess. He is a super nice guy though.
Anyway, that is all from this week! Korea is awesome as usual! Transfer calls next week! I am almost done being a greenie! The church is true! HOORAH! GO BRONCOS!
-Elder Hobson

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