Sunday, December 8, 2013


This has been an incredible week! Last Monday Elder Hendershot (My district leader) and I went on exchanges. It is kind of a long and unimportant story, but we ended up getting a free day pass to the nicest gym in Ill San. So that is what we are doing today for p-day!
Then on Tuesday Elder Fonnesbeck went on exchanges with one of the other district leaders and so I was with a different new Elder. The miracle this week is that I think I am actually capable of doing missionary work. That night we talked to 56 people and I set 5 return appointments/lessons. I feel like God is just opening he flood gates and pouring out people in our path. Elder Fonnesbeck and I taught more lessons than we ever have this week. We also met a kid named Richard. He is 17 and lived in Singapore for 2 years. He wants to go into business just like me. However, he goes to school from 6AM-10:30PM Monday-Saturday. That's one difference from America... The schooling is absolutely CRAZY! Because of that he can only meet on Sundays. Fortunately, he was able to come to church with us on Sunday. It was so cool to have him there. We have taught him a little bit but we have a ways to go so I will keep you updated on that!
Anyway, today it is a Holiday in Korea. It is called PePeRo day! PePeRo is just the Korean version of Pocky's. Just sticks with chocolate on them. I actually think they are better than Pockys... they sell them both in Korea! Anyway, on PePeRo day everyone just goes out and buys PePeRo and eats it. I hear it is like a big couples Holiday too. Kind of like a lesser version of Valentines day! So I will buy some of that today. It has been a great week! The church is so true! I'm so glad to be serving a mission! I love it! HOORAH! GO BRONCOS!
-Elder Hobson

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