Sunday, December 8, 2013


Hello all!
This week has been great! It is getting cold here in Korea! Like really cold;) haha But I am staying warm so don't worry. I have my supply of hot chocolate to drink at nights so I am good. This week has been fun. I guess a small miracle would be that Elder Fonnesbeck and I decided to try something a little different this week. We went out to talk to people and we decided that we would flip a coin to guide us in where to walk. It was fun because it was different, but it was also fun because we found some people in some pretty obscure places that we probably never would have looked or gone. We felt like in a way like the Nephites following the Liahona. It was a blast.
On Saturday we had a combined mission conference with the Seoul South Mission. Elder Evans (the head of the missionary department in the church) and Elder Whiting (our area 70) came to talk to us. They talked about the changes that were and are taking place in missionary work and particularly in Korea. I don't know if many people know this, but there are about 1200 missionaries in Korea which is significant because Korea is smaller than most U.S. states. The Lord has a work for Korea and I can feel like something in Korea is just about to explode. The gospel is ready to be proclaimed and I am so happy to be a part of that here with the Korean people. They talked about even more changes coming in missionary work, which I have been instructed not to share about, but it is an exciting time here in Korea and in the church!
To go along with that, we had Stake Conference on Sunday. Elder Cook and Elder Hales gave a broadcast to all of Korea. They really talked a lot about the importance of members raising strong families in the gospel. This is applicable everywhere (and I would exhort you at home to work on this) but it is especially significant in Korea. Satan is working hard to destroy the family in Korea. Fathers work all day and are pressured to drink all night with their co-workers. That leaves mothers at home to take care of the family. Most parents send their kids to school all day and then additional school, or academy, at night. I have met several kids who attend school from 6am to 1030pm. I can't imagine how hard that must be. The family unit doesn't mean much in Korea. It is our duty to make sure our families are strong in the gospel. This conference was really an eye opening to many of the Korean people and it was a very spiritual meeting. Every person has a spot and a role to play in God's masterful plan. I know this is true. So many exciting things going on in the church and I'm not the only one who is a part of it... "Every member a missionary"... and may I add, in one way or another. This church is true. I know God lives and loves each of us individually. He has a plan for us and is guiding us every step of the way! The church is true! I love you all! HOORAH! GO BRONCOS!
-Elder Hobson

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