Sunday, December 8, 2013

10-6-13 Fist Letter From Korea

Hello from Korea!
WOW! I have a ton to write!!!
Day 1... we got to the airport and met the AP's and the mission president. Then we road a bus to the church building by the temple and we stayed in the temple dorms that night.
Day 2 We woke up and had training galore! We interviewed with President Christensen! He is a cool guy! Then we trained on how to proselyte and then that afternoon we went out to "the time square" type place in Seoul and proselyted. Elder Ney and I gave out 2 BOM's (it was a miracle and we think that one guy just took it so we would get out of his way haha. But hey, he took it!). After proselyting for a couple hours we went to a Korean museum and learned about the guy who created the Korean language! So that was cool. Then we had dinner at a Korean/American buffet. Pretty normal and straight forward food.
Day 3 We woke up and had more training and then finally I met my new companion and trainer Elder Fonnesbeck. He is from Preston, Idaho (Weston actually) and is a really cool guy. We are the only two Elders in the mission from Idaho (I think) so that is way cool! I won't get crap anymore for being from Idaho!  Before the mission he studied at Utah State and he is planning on majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Anyways, so I met him. He is also our zone leader. And then we went to my first area. We live in Ill San (prounounced eelr sahn) in the Seoul book zone. This is the zone in the Northwest corner of Korea! Yes the DMZ is in our zone. In fact the other day we went to a place that was about 10 miles from North Korea! It was no different then the rest of Korea but it was cool knowing that we were so close;) We can go to the DMZ on P-days but the DMZ is closed for tours on Mondays...:( So we might ask for special permission to get there on a different day. Anyway, our area is one of the biggest in the entire mission. However, it is a newer part of Korea so it is very well thought out, a lot like SLC (square blocks and straight streets and stuff). It is one of the richer parts of Seoul. But it is really pretty and there is a lot of greenery, which you won't find elsewhere in Korea.
Day 4 We went out and toured our area so we could find our way around better. We are in a house (apartment) of 6 Elders and 2 of then are zone leaders and 1 is our district leader! It makes everything very convenient;)
Day 5 We went out and proselyted! I struggle to talk to people. I can say "hello" "where are you going?"... (they then reply some place that I of course have never heard of and I just smile and nod wondering what the heck to say next! Haha... it is hard and I am struggling with the language, but I'll keep working at it.
Day 6 We went to church in our ward. There are about a 100 members in our ward and they are all very nice. However, church was very frustrating because I had not a clue what was going on! Later on Sunday night we had a fireside that we (the missionaries) set up to push member missionary work in our ward. We have 6 elders and 2 sisters in that ward (which is a ton... almost a tenth of the ward) and so they are hopefully feeling some pressure and realizing that we need to step up the work out here.
I had 3 appts that all fell through this week so I haven't taught a lesson yet. It has been a fairly abnormal week is what E Fonnesbeck says. So hopefully things will calm down here soon and we can get down to some serious work. This church is so true! I'm very excited to be in Korea!  HOORAH! GO BRONCOS!
-Elder Hobson

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