Saturday, September 28, 2013

9-27-13 Last P-Day!

Am I going to Korea in 3 days? You bet I am!

Wow this week has flown! I am so excited to get out of here! I feel completely inadequate to bring the gospel in Korea, but I don't even care! I know without a doubt that the Lord will help and bless me! 

So last Monday I finished the Book of Mormon! I love that book so much! It was only my 3rd time finishing it but I gain a stronger testimony of it every time! It was cool also to go back through the introduction of it and read the testimony of Joseph Smith and the 11 witnesses. I invite anyone reading this to either continue reading and pondering the scriptures (especially the Book of Mormon) or to start more frequently and sincerely reading and pondering the scriptutres! There is a lot in the scriptures and there is a lot that God still is waiting to reveal unto us but we must know and study the material he has given us first! I Love the scriptures! I truly feel God talking to and helping me when I read them. So it is that simple, pray, ask questions, read, read, read, and pray! God helps us as we desire to follow him! The Book of Mormon is without a single doubt, TRUE!

So as I have been at the MTC I have gained a real sense of why I am on this Earth (like me personally). I truly feel like a big part of why I am here is to serve a mission and to share the gospel! It is the most important thing in my life and the pinnacle of why God sent me here to Earth!

Yesterday I got 2 immunization shots Hep A and Hep B... my final of each). It of course wasn't fun and my arm still hurts but I will, of course, be fine!

When I heard about the BSU game I almost cried. I mean I leave Boise for 2 months and the whole team falls apart! Its okay though, I know they will bounce back and get a second chance against the Bulldogs in the MW Championship. Besides the only important thing about this season is that BSU beats BYU!

Well, another sad thing happened this week. I got my haircut. It is the shortest I have ever had it...:( But I guess it looks decent... just no curl. I will have curls back in about a month;) haha
Anyways, other than that I am just packing up and getting ready to go to Korea! The church is so true! HOORAH! GO BRONCOS!

-Elder Hobson

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