Sunday, December 8, 2013


First off my prayers and thoughts go out to my family and anyone else injured physically or emotionally. I am also praying and hoping that all is well there. I love you all and I am thankful that God is so merciful to us.
This week has been good. We are finally making some better contact with people but still haven't had a lesson. We have had about 5 or 6 scheduled but they have all fallen through! We aren't giving up though and both Elder Fonnesbeck and I can feel a baptism is close for whatever reason. Elder Fonnesbeck had one investigator with a baptismal date when I got him as a companion. We are really focusing our efforts on this kid this week. He won't make this baptismal date so we will have to push it back because he hasn't been coming to church. But he came and watched some General Conference yesterday at the church! So that was really good. His name is No Gyun Hyun. He is about 20 and seems like a really cool kid (I just met him yesterday). It his hard to set up lessons this month with any student in Korea because the end of October is when all their big tests are. So everyone we meet is studying, studying, studying. Come November though we should be able to make contact with a lot of the people we have met that are too busy these next few weeks.
Two miracles for this week. We were trying to reach our contact goal for the night but we only had a couple minutes before we needed to head home. However we found this guy who was really interested in our church but was convinced that there was no God. We have a return date set with him for Saturday. Here is where the miracle comes in. We got back to our apartment and realized that Elder Fonnesbeck's watch was 15 minutes slow (so we got home 15 minutes late). If his watch wouldn't have been off we would have never met that man. This seems like a small thing but it was significant to us because he had just reset his watch earlier that day to what we were sure was the correct time. God wanted us to meet that man.
The other miracle is this. We were all out proselyting and there were two companionships of Elders kind of in the same cross walk area. After talking to them and making contact with a couple other people I had a feeling that we should walk down the street to a less crowded intersection because if we didn't we would end up talking to the other Elders that were nearby. We walked behind some random but actually not so random) store and we found a kid who's Dad had met the missionaries just 2 weeks before but was never contacted by them. His dad had a Book of Mormon and was interested in our church. So we told the kid that we would call him after his testing these next couple of weeks and we would meet up. I hope those stories made sense. Minor miracles and minor promptings turn out big. I love this church!
Conference was great! My favorite 3 were Elder Ballards, Elder Eyrings, and Elder Nelsons. Lots of talk about missionary work, member missionary work, and families! Let us all come together and join in this cause! I love you all and I am grateful for everything! Things are going well and I am staying optimistic! This church is true! HOORAH! GO BRONCOS!
-Elder Hobson

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