Sunday, December 8, 2013


Hello Everyone!
How is it going? This week in Korea has been really good! We had one fairly cold night and it is starting to get a little colder here so we are gearing up for Winter. I got my long-johns, sweaters, and big coat all prepared for when that first cold front really moves in. But as for now it is nice here in Korea.
This week I finally taught my first "real" lesson where we actually went to a house and sat down and taught someone. It was really nice. We have one pretty serious investigator who we met with 3 times this week. His name is No Gyung Hyun and he is about 20. He came to church this Sunday (which makes it his 3rd week in a row) and we set a baptismal date with him for November 3rd. We are very excited for him and hope he can continue to progress and feel the love that we have for him and that God has for him.
As for other people we met this week. We have a lot of lessons set up for this up coming week and we are hoping to pick up a couple new progressing investigators so I will let you know how that goes. I am starting to get the feel of things here and Elder Fonnesbeck and I are making improvements. We are trying our hardest and working our best. Even though there are times when I feel like Korean will never come, I just keep working at it and know that the Lord will help me.
As for a minor miracle this week. We went to visit a less-active member one night and he wasn't home. However, we talked to his daughter through the door (because thats what you do in Korea) and told her that we were missionaries and had come to visit her Dad. She said she would tell him that we came by. Later in the week we were out proselyting and we stumbled upon a huge festival. (Turns out the town we are currently living in just had it's 600th birthday! Pretty Sick!). Anyways, so we saw a cotton candy booth and decided that we would wait in line to get some cotton candy. While we were in line I saw a little girl and a little boy and I turned to Elder Fonnesbeck and said, "Those look a lot like my niece and nephew named Hannah and Tyson, but in Asian form." We laughed about it and talked to a couple other people in line. Then after awhile another girl (who was a little bit older than the boy and girl I commented on) turned to me and said hello. She started talking to me and eventually she said, "My dad goes to your church.' We said, "really? Who's your Dad?" Turns out that she was the daughter of the less-active member that we talked to and tried to visit earlier that week. And the two "Hannah and Tyson" look-alikes were her siblings. SO after that we found her Mom and talked to her for awhile (she isn't a member) and we set up an appointment with their family for next Sunday. It was so ironic and so cute. I felt a strong love for this family and I had never even met them. Hopefully our lesson goes well there! Anyways, other than that it was a pretty straight-forward week. The church is true! Hope all is well back home. Give everyone my best wishes! Thanks for all the prayers! Have a good week! I love you all! HOORAH GO BRONCOS!
-Elder Hobson

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