Thursday, September 12, 2013

9-6-13 Going too fast!

Hello all!
Well, I am slightly disappointed to see that I leave Boise for some 30 days and the team falls apart... Turns out that the Broncos truly did need me! Now I will just have to help them through the Lord;) haha  JK. I'm sure they will get right back on track tomorrow and will be back in the top 25 in a few weeks! I have faith in my Broncos! A BSC bowl is still possible! and let's be honest, BSU could lose every game all year, but as long as they beat BYU... the season was a success;) haha, HOORAH! GO BRONCOS!!!
In class we are learning complex adjectives and gerunds! A sentence in Korean for a complex adjective is weird! In English we would say, "I am the missionary who likes the Broncos". In Korean we would say, "I the Bronco liking missionary am". Or something like, "We are the missionaries who will teach about prophets today" would read, "we today prophets about will teach missionaries are". If that makes sense? haha  Even after learning it I'm not sure if that was right. That is the hardest part for me so far is the sentence structure! I am excited to learn gerunds though because now we can make verbs into subjects (plus other things) which opens a whole new door of saying things how we want to!!!
I Hosted on Wednesday (and Wednesday last week). It is fun to welcome the new missionaries and it always reminds me of when I was dropped off. Kind of Bitter Sweet! We get new Korean speaking missionaries in on Wednesday! I hear a lot of them are going to Seoul! So I am excited to meet them.
Elder Ney and I like to take walks around our building sometimes and check the "unwanted things" bins. They usually have some sweet stuff in them! You would be surprised the kind of things people don't want. It is kind of our new daily thing to keep things interesting! So far I have acquired a brand new notebook and 2 unused PMG's! haha I don't know what I'll do with all of them... probably leave most of it here when I leave...  but it is fun to have for a while. Other than that everything is going great! The church is true and I am so grateful and excited to be on a mission! I'm excited to go to Korea! (we Google mapped Seoul on the LDS website yesterday! It looks way cool!) HOORAH! GO BRONCOS!

One of Elder Hobson's Bronco Ties he's wearing on game days!

This is a funny story! One of our teachers, Sister Sagers, left us a note in Italian on the board the other day and told us that if we could translate it that we could all leave the MTC the very next day! ha-ha  Needless to say, one of our Elders recognized it as a quote from "Dante's Inferno" and so we trans-lated it into English and then Korean (in Korean form). She was impressed. But needless to say, we aren't leaving the MTC till the end of Sept.)!!!
She should have known better since we have a Harvard and MIT Elder in our district and another one from Yale in our zone who just got made one of our new zone leaders!  One of the other sisters in our district was a High School Heisman winner from Utah (surprise, another Utah missionary)! ha-ha! We have a crazy intense zone but especially district!

First pair of chopsticks, Stainless Steel! 


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