Saturday, September 14, 2013

9-13-13 (Friday the 13th)

This has been a great week! On Sunday I was assigned to be the District Leader over my district. I was actually a little nervous at first which I thought was weird because I have never been nervous about a leadership position. Just a little different I guess when I'm doing it for the Lord and not for me (if that makes sense). But that nervousness only lasted a day and I am loving being a district leader and I love all the Elder's and Sister's in our district!
This week we got 17 new Sisters and 16 new Elders into our zone! They are pretty cool and most of them are going to Seoul or Seoul South! I'm way excited to get to Korea!  I hosted Jason Armstrong this week! Weird coincidence.  Also, Ethan Seegmiller and I are on the same floor (same hall even). It is nice to have someone that I know and someone that isn't from Utah!:) ha-ha

So during our spotlight this week we spotlighted Elder Wilkinson (the Harvard guy). We found out that he is crazy accomplished! He was a Coke Scholar (like the big $10,000 scholarship) and gets free coke products for the rest of his life. But get this, he doesn't like soda that much so he hardly ever gets it... figures. He also developed a stock/business theory that the church has talked to him about trying to implement. He started an international charity and is still running it while he is on his mission! Gosh he is crazy! Plus every little accomplishment you could imagine along the way, I'm sure he has received. We always joke around with him that after he has achieved all his life long goals by the age of 35, that we want a ride on Air Force 1 when he is President! ((Mom's comment:  I told him to stay close then so he could be his VP))
As for that I don't have much else from this week! I'm am relieved to hear that the Broncos rebounded well! But sounds like we have a ways to go! My prediction for the game today is BSU 42 AF 21! ((He was pretty close, 42 - 20))  I miss being down there on the field but serving a mission is better!  I love you all! Remember that the Church is true! HOORAH! GO BRONCOS!
-Elder Hobson
Game Day Tie 2
My nametag reads pretty accurate. The only difference
 is that it is more "Hopson" than "Hobson" so not too bad:)

This one is a funny story! We were in class and we walk outside into the hall
for a break and we find this native Korean Sister just playing and rummaging
 through the fire stuff!  We had a good laugh over it.  I am excited to be
immersed in the Korean culture!

Korean Lesson

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