Saturday, August 31, 2013

8-30-13, Week 5 HALF WAY

Hello all!

What a great week! To start off, I got to give a talk on Sunday in sacrament meeting... in Korean! I didnt record it because I didn't know I would be giving one. How it works is that they just have everyone in our zone (about 90 people) prepare a talk on an assigned subject and they just choose 1 Elder and 1 Sister to give the talk during sacrament meeting. And lucky me, I got chosen;) haha NOT! I was very nervous but my talk was on Holy Ghost which as long as you convey the Holy Ghost when you speak, you gave a good talk on the Holy Ghost. If that makes sense;)  I'm hoping I won't have to give another one while I'm here so I probably won't prepare another talk, but knowing my luck I'll have to get up there twice out of 90 people and have to wing a talk. But probably not;) haha
So something I have learned already at the MTC is that anytime I am having a bad day or feeling discouraged, God will provide a way for you to make your day better. Sometimes it is as little as just recognizing all the blessings you have. I just have to recognize that way and then take it so I can turn my day around. For example, last Saturday I woke up more tired than ever and I had already convinced myself that it would be a rough day. But then we were walking to class and I see a beautiful sunrise coming over the mountains and my day instantly flipped around. I decided right then to have a better day!
Every Tuesday night the MTC has a group devotional at the Marriot Center. Normally it is a 70 or someone that speaks to us, but occasionally we will get an apostle. Our district had a feeling we might get an apostle, so we went early to "sing in the choir" and then we went down on the floor seats right in front of the podium. One thing I have learned from my Dad is how to work the system when necessary;) haha  Sure enough, Elder Andersen came to speak to us and we were literally 15 feet away from him. He talked about Love and Sacrifice and I thought a lot about my mission but more so about my Mom and Dad and Jesus Christ. What better example of Love and Sacrifice than He.  After the devo there was a giant rainstorm with lightning so the security people informed us that we had to stay inside for about 15 mins before we could walk back over to campus. So Elder Andersen decided that he wanted to come shake a few of our hands. And sure enough he came to our row and I got to shake his hand. He said to me, "Geez! Did you have to come early to get these seats?" I just smiled, shook his hand and said, "Yep!":) I know, that's the best I could think of right?;) haha But it was sweet to shake his hand! I love the apostles.
Other than that the work is coming along well. We are learning more Korean everyday, the hard part is remembering and applying what we learn. But our teachers are working on helping us with that!
My prediction for the BSU game tomorrow! (HOORAH! GO BRONCOS! btw). Southwick will throw over 180 yards and 2 TDs with 1 INT. One of his TDs will be to Matt Miller. My boy Jay Ajayi will run over 70 yards and score 2 TDs (one of them further than 15 yards). BSU will have 2 turnovers but will get 3. We will try for 2 field goals and only make one. The final score will be BSU 31 Washington 24. HOORAH! GO BRONCOS!
The church is soooooooo true and I love serving the Lord! Can't wait for Korea! Until next week...

-Elder Hobson
Tender Mercies
A beautiful sunrise on a tough day.

Homemade sauna.  New tradition.

Rainbow after storm

 Kimchi noodles.  A taste of the mission before
we get there! It was spicy! I loved it!!!
Wet hair after storm

Wet suit after storm

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