This has been a great week!
So something I have realized this week is that experimenting on the word for yourself is so important! You can ride others testimonies your whole life but until you discover that this gospel is true for yourself, you truly are not converted. I have seen both of those types of missionaries here at the MTC.
Something I have also been prompted on strongly this week, is that my entire life, one of the biggest reasons I am on this Earth is to serve a mission. Even just us coming to Earth is essentially a mission call. We probably got our assignments in heaven telling us where, with whom, how, and what we should do to return to heaven. That was a cool thought that I had this week was that our entire life is a mission. We have two major assignments. 1.  Convert ourselves and live worthily to return back to the Celestial Kingdom and 2.  After we are converted, work like mad to bring others into the fold. Nothing on this Earth is more important than the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We need to all be doing our part to "bring the world his truth." Sorry that got a little preachy, but I just feel strongly that Earthly things are important, but Spiritual things FAR out-weigh the things of this Earth. Come into his fold!
So I have been District Leader for over a week now. I'll tell you a little bit about those who I am serving and serving with:
Sister Seegmiller- Was a 3-sport athlete and a high school Heisman for Utah
Sister Ahn- She is into animation and is a CRAZY good artist. I'll send a picture of some chalk art that she did.
Elder McFarland- He is crazy good at basketball and gold. Also a really funny kid.
Elder Saxton- Is into taekwondo and is thinking about going to Korea after the mission to do that.
Elder Rencher- He was the #1 rated left tackle in the nation coming off his Junior year and had schools like Oregon and Alabama looking at him. However, after a major knee injury he decided to forgo trying to get back into football so that he could raise a family and be able to play with his kids without a destroyed body! (mad respect!)
Elder Smith- Plays volleyball at MIT and was a professional online Halo player! He is super good with computers and had sponsors and everything.
Elder Ney- He is way funny, my companion, plays basketball, and ices climbs
Elder Easton- He is an incredible singer and was his High School's Senior class president.
Elder Wilkinson- I told you about him last week
Elder Weight- He won state in javelin! And was close to placing in wrestling
Elder Armstrong- He is fluent in Spanish
Well there you have it! The most impressive thing about everyone in my district is that the Lord means more to them then all of their accomplishments. I know without a doubt in my mind that this church is true! I'm excited to proclaim that to the people in Korea! Keep the faith! The church is true! HOORAH! GO BRONCOS! 
-Elder Hobson
Birthday Cake

Pictures (Spanish/Port) from Bin Digging 

  District at Temple

Elder Ney and Elder Hobson - Before haircut 

Elder Hobson and Elder Ney - Post Haircut - So Happy :)

Flight Plans (Sept 30 leave, arrive Oct 1)