Sunday, August 18, 2013

8-16-13 - Week 3

Oh, how I love my Mom, Cindy Hobson. I don't know of any other Mom who can get their son to call her legally at the MTC! Haha. It was nice to talk to you Mom. Sorry it was so short, but hey 2 minutes is more than we had the week before;) Haha, I Love you!  (In all fairness, I called to ask about shoe replacement and was just as surprised as he was!)

This week has been a blast! We started out Saturday with something we call "Salsa Party Saturday" or "Fiesta Friday" (if we do it on a Friday like today).  Elder McFarland in our district lives super close to the MTC so he gets free shipping from a place on Fridays. So he has a girl that sends him chips and salsa and our whole zone just gets together and goes crazy! Haha it is a blast! We have a Fiesta Friday tonight with the native Korean Elders and Sisters. We also just pool in some money and send it to this girl of his and she will send us anything we ask for. We are living the life and starting to become the "experienced" Elders at the MTC now that some of the 9 week Elders are headed to Korea!

We also started a thing this week called "the hot seat". About two or three times a week someone in our district takes the hot seat. It is basically when we just ask them questions and get to know them better. It is a nice fun way to bring our district closer together:)

For the Tuesday devotional this week Elder Scott was able to come visit us. He talked about prayer and the spirit that he brought to the meeting was almost tangible! I was holding back tears through a lot of his talk. He answered many of my prayers and he also hinted that some of his were answered in that meeting. He bestowed 2 apostolic blessings on those learning a new language that we would be able to access the gift of tongues through our faithfulness. So grateful for him and so grateful for that experience to be so close to a living prophet of God. When he was walking out after the meeting he stopped several times to look at us all and a couple times said things like, "Be good" and "I love you"... just like my Dad does when he or I am leaving. AWESOME experience! 

The language is coming.... SLOWLY... but it is coming. I love it and I love serving a mission! I am grateful for the opportunity and can feel everyone's prayers and God's hand helping me in my life. The Church is true! HOORAH! GO BRONCOS! 

-Elder Hobson

ps- score prediction BSU- 31 Washington-17

Fiesta Friday
Hot Seat
Korean Lesson
Taking time to enjoy the beauty of Utah

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