Sunday, August 11, 2013

8-9-13 Week 2

August 9, 2013, Provo MTC
Hello ALL!!!
This week has been awesome.
A funny story from this week. Every Tuesday we have a devo (Sunday too). I was able to sing in the choir with some of the elders in my district. During the devo one of our elders totally just zonked out and was asleep the entire time. His name is Elder S. and is a kinda shy kid who doesn't participate a ton.  Anyways, so after the devo we were supposed to go back to class and talk about it. Since it was our first week we had a member of the branch presidency sitting in our discussion. And this was the "mean" member of the branch presidency! haha.  So after our discussion he preaches to us this big sermon about everything we should be doing and he was literally yelling at us. But he was still trying to command the spirit! He starts asking questions and he says, "Elder Saxton, there was about one major topic of the devo... what was it?" We are all thinking... ahhh man poor kid, he is about to be eaten alive. He took a long time to respond and then finally he goes... "to always have the spirit to be with you?"... and then the branch presidency member goes..."that is EXACTLY right".  We were all amazed and it was the story of that day.  He said later that he bowed his head and said a quick prayer and that is the first thing he thought to say! haha, God is a merciful God!!! Ahhh man good times tho.  We had a pet rubber snake for a couple days but our teacher (Sister Sagers) wouldn't let us keep him due to the white handbook rules..... LAME! Oh well.  Life is good.  I play Bball almost everyday! Thanks for all the emails and letters! Keep them coming! Dear Elder is amazing! The church is true and I love you all! HOORAH! GO BRONCOS!
-Elder Hobson
Tyler also asked that if you email him, please include your home address at the end of it.  He doesn't have a lot of time to email and by the time he reads all his letters, his time is about up.  However, he has time while doing laundry, etc. to hand write notes.  Thanks for all your support, sounds like he is doing great.  (family, I got you covered)
Picture 1 - District and Investigator
Picture 2 & 3 - Choir practice at the Marriott Center
Picture 4 - Korean Lesson (I almost wrote Japanese haha)

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