Saturday, June 27, 2015



Quote: I can't remember exactly how it was phrased, but it went something like this. Excuse my paraphrasing. "We can never serve or repay back God more than He has already done for us. Even when we think we are serving Him, He is only serving us." -Elder Ballard from Our Search For Happiness

This week was really good and I feel like quite a lot happened. On P-day last week we hiked a mountain outside our apartment. Pretty fun as usual but it was a pretty smoggy day so that was a bummer. Our view of the city was a little blocked, but I still got some sweet pics of course!  It is also getting a lot hotter here (minus today where it feels like winter again because of the winds from China). But most of this week we have gone out in our suits jackets (because we have to until General Conference) and we have been pretty warm! The wind blows a lot this time of year. And the Koreans HATE it because it supposedly blows this so called "yellow dust" pollution stuff to Korea. Koreans always walk around with little face masks like doctors, especially older Koreans! Our investigator who's mom was opposing is doing really well. He told her about us meeting him and she was really sad but didn't freak out or anything. He thinks that if we give it some time (maybe a week or two) that she will let him get baptized! So that is looking really good! I love that kid! He is such a pure soul and understands and really loves the gospel. Our other investigator is doing well and got his baptismal interview and passed. I haven't told you a lot about him because we haven't done a ton with him. He is 10 years old and the son of a recent convert we work with. He was taught all but one lesson before I got here so we taught him the final one and now he will be getting baptized on Saturday this week! So that will be pretty cool! Always great to see families come together like that! So fun! This week was awesome though! We were able to pick up 3 more baptismal dates and one of them came to church yesterday! As of now he is looking like the only one that will sustain as a baptismal date but it was cool to see how when we work hard and invite people we can see those miracles.  Other than that all is going well over here. We have transfer calls this week! If Elder Killpack doesn't get transferred we will probably be together until June. If he does get transferred I will have a new companion in like a week and a half! So we will see!  The church is true! Thank you all for the prayers!

-Elder Hobson

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