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Quote: Go forth to life, oh! child ofEarth.
Still mindful of thy heavenly birth;
Thou art not here for ease or sin,
But manhood's noble crown to win.
Though passion's fires are in thy soul,
Thy spirit can their flames control;
Though tempters strong beset thy way,
Thy spirit is more strong than they.
Go on from innocence of youth
To manly pureness, manly truth;
God's angels still are near to save,
And God himself doth help the brave.
Then forth to life, oh! .child of Earth,
Be worthy of thy heavenly birth,
For noble service thou art here;
Thy brothers help, thy God revere! 

Last week in 2014! I don't think a year has ever gone by as fast as this one. People say that time is constant but I don't know if I can believe that!;) Haha This week was pretty crazy!!! Yesterday our recent convert got the Aaronic Priesthood and we helped him get some family history work started so he can go with the ward this Saturday to do baptisms for the dead! Super exciting! Also yesterday during sacrament meeting he accidentally knocked a piece of bread off the tray. He gasped a little bit and then turned to me and was like, "what kind of sin is that? I just dropped Christ flesh on the ground!" It was kind of comical, but nice to know that he understands the sacrament a little bit:) This week on Christmas Eve we had a combined Zone Conference with another zone and our Mission President. They talked a lot about tuning into and recognizing what God and Jesus Christ are telling us. Sister Christensen talked about holding up the Light of Christ that we have been blessed with and gave us all cute little star light thingys to keep. Then we watched Ephriam's Rescue! Pretty fun movie I guess. I wish I would have been a little more into church type videos before my mission! Then on Christmas morning we all woke up. I read Luke 2 with our house and then we opened some stuff. Then after calling the family (which was awesome, love you all!:)) We headed out to work. We spent most of the afternoon preparing for our nighttime plan which was wrapping Books of Mormon and giving them out as Christmas presents while we showed the video "He is the Gift" as a district. It was honestly super fun and probably some of the most fun street contacting I have done in awhile. Great Christmas! Truly felt the Spirit of Christ! Also we went to Outback on Christmas Day and it was sooooooo good to throw down a steak like that! Man, I miss that kind of food! haha. 

This week we went to a service project that the ward does every week and asked us to help with. It is like a house/shelter for these blind kids and once a week we go over there and escort them around the neighborhood so they can take a walk and get some fresh air and do some exercise. It was all fun, but we got there and there were only girls... so the ward basically forced us to break a mission rule and escort these girls for a good hour... kind of awkward, but pretty fun! I learned a lot about trust from them and it reminded me a lot of Jesse Curtis! Very similar fun and bubbly personalities, so it was fun! Then two days ago we had a guy call us off of a card we gave him! Talk about the miracle of a new investigator I have been praying for! He says he has a lot of time usually. So we are set up to meet him every Tuesday and Thursday! Exciting stuff! Should be fun! Love this church and am excited for 2015!!! Only 2 more days and I will have read the Book of Mormon everyday for a solid year:) So great! gotta love it! Happy New year! I hope it is a great one! The Church is true!

-Elder Hobson

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