Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Quote: "If something is worth doing at all, it is worth doing well." -Unkown
This week was great! My hump day! After weeks of people reminding me that I was almost at my year mark... it FINALLY came! haha Thanks for all the letters and emails. Today we went to a buffet and ate out to celebrate it with a couple other missionaries in my district that came to Korea with me. I can't believe it has already been a year! Everyone says the second year goes by way faster so we will see what happens. Brace yourselves everyone!  This past year I have learned a ton! I'm not sure I can put every little lesson into words in this one email but I have felt myself grow in the gospel and that is the most important thing right? Missions give you a weird persective of time, but I am so grateful for this time I have and this time I have to be a missionary. I truly want to give it all. This week we decided to visit a memeber whose wife is pregnant and due this month. We were just going to stop by and see if there was anything we could do to help but of course they invited us in as is Korean culture. We had a wonderful talk with them and a wonderful visit. We shared a quick message about families and were on our way. It was probably one of the best member visits I have had my whole mission! This week we also had one of our investigators come to church. He is kind of an older man and hmmmm.... I'm not sure the best way to describe him. But let's just say it was a miracle that we got him to church and survived all the classes/meetings and got him back home. We will keep meeting with him and I will give you updates if he continues to progress!  As for everything else. My comp is doing great. He studies... ALWAYS. He was feeling kind of stressed this week because he feels like he will receive more responsibility in the mission soon and feels unprepared. So we talked through that together and hopefully someday i can convince him that he truly does study more than anyone I have ever met in the mission or at home! It was also extremely hot this week. I have resorted to carrying around a sweat rag with me. You can literally wipe it off your arms about every 2 minutes! FUN FUN FUN!!!! Maybe the hottest I have been my entire life but I loved every minute of it! The Church is true! Love you all!!!
-Elder Hobson

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