Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Quote: "That's the easy part, to die for it [the Church]. What God needs is people who will live for it..." -Elder Holland
Well, this week was full of a lot of rough days. I made to trips to the hospital in Seoul (not for me) and then I came down with a decent fever and body aches a few days ago. But I am feeling better now so don't worry. Let's just say because of that, we didn't get a whole lot done this week. But as always, it was a good week and we saw the hand of the Lord in it. To start off, we had a giant rainstorm on Tuesday! It only rained for about an hour or two, but after about the first 10 minutes, the streets were flowing like there was a river running through the city. Let's just say the little umbrellas that we had didn't protect much. But I was able to save my planner (mostly! haha). As for the hospital trips. the first one was when I was on exchanges. He was having some hmmmm issues with certain parts of his body let's say...;) haha Anwyays, so we went and got that checked out for him. It took FOREVER, but it was super cool to see how a Korean hospital operates and the differences between that and America! haha Then the next day we had to go back in for Elder Van's foot. It has been bothering him almost the entire transfer so we figured we better finally go get it checked out. And well, he has a stress fracture and will either be getting a boot or a cast on Tuesday. Soooooo ANOTHER trip to the hospital! haha Should be fun. Also we got transfer calls. I will be going to an area called Gil Um (it is really hard to romanize I'm sorry). My new companions name is Elder Hansen. Other than that, our main and basically only investigator right now wasn't able to come to church this week, but we are still praying hard and working with him. Great week! New stories to come! The church is true!
-Elder Hobson

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