Sunday, August 4, 2013

8-2-13 1st P Day

Hello everyone!!!
These first couple days at the MTC have been crazy and I am fortunate to have a P-Day very Friday! So how are things going? Thank you all very much for the letters and emails! They mean a ton to me and I almost teared up while reading them!!! Keep the info from home coming as I am excited to know how things are!
Well the first day at the MTC was wild. After the drop off I was taken to a room where I received my nametag, MTC ID, and room key. After that Elder Dial (who was able to be my host and who I saw for a 2nd time today) showed me my room and around the MTC campus! There are a TON of people here and I swear every other person I meet is from Utah!!! About 5% are foreign missionaries, 35% from the states, and 60% just from Utah! The place is crawling with BYUites and it makes me a little sick at times;) haha But no worries, I have my BSU sheets on my bed already and am known as the BSU Elder;) haha Good old Boise Idaho!!! Anyways, after my campus tour from PD I was shown to my classroom. My teacher is a sister who served in Korea on her mission. These first two days have been frustrating because I have been in class for about 6 hours and only heard about 10 words of English:( They are instructed to speak to us only in Korean! But i like her and she is funny. My district has 12 Missionaries (2 sisters) and all of us are headed to SEOUL except 3 who are going to Sydney Australia speaking Korean. The rest of the day was boring with welcome seminars and such.
My companions name is Elder Ney (which is funny because NEY means yes in Korean). HE is a little bit more shy than most elders but once he warms up he is a super cool kid. We have a lot in common and i think i am really going to like him! He is from of course... UTAH (SLC to be exact). We are slowly learning and growing together in the Lord. I can already feel him helping me. Day 2 consisted of the same as day 1... more frustrating Korean lessons and boring welcome seminars. I live on the 4th floor of my building (which is quite the hike each time) and i am staying with 6 elders in the 4 person room (including all 3 ausi elders).
Anyways, the work is good and i am loving life. Elder Dial passed on the Idaho cow to me and I signed it right on the buttox;) haha I'm hilarious!!! The food is good and everything is well. I am finishing this letter for now so i can send some pictures! A letter is on it's way!  Sarang Hae Yoh!!! (I Love You!)
-Elder Hobson

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